Get Loki on Your Fortnite Account

The Asgardian trickster is finally joining the colossal Marvel pantheon in Fortnite.  

Players have long stopped counting on how many iconic characters from other franchises are in Epic’s cultural phenom of a Battle Royale Shooter. At this point, they just look at the news and check out who got added to the roster. And the most recent one would be the Marvel iteration of the Asgardian god of mischief, Loki – a perfect addition for anyone’s Fortnite Account

Why A Loki Bundle Now 

With how big the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor, and The Avengers have become, Loki hardly needs any introductions. Also, unless you have been living under a rock, you already know that Loki has a standalone series in the Disney+ streaming service. 

It’s a foregone conclusion that Tom Hiddleston has come back to reprise his role as the trickster Norse god. What can be confusing, however, is the series’ plot, as it involves a lot of time travel, and is set right after the first Avengers movie but not after the events of Thor Ragnarok. 

In-universe, however, it can get way more confusing. This is because, in the show, Loki is forced to help the Time Variance Authority, a secret organization that is tasked to fix the timeline. Strangely, time travel would not be introduced in the MCU until Endgame. Thus, it could be said that the show is set in the middle of the Endgame, and it just happened to touch on the events of the first Avengers movie and the Loki at that time. 

Many theories have sprung up regarding its significance to and where it fits in the MCU as a whole and has made the whole thing more of a puzzle. It also does not help that Marvel itself neither denies nor confirms any of them, and has not officially given a canonical statement on its chronological place in the timeline. 

What Version of Loki Will Be in the Bundle 

That, however, doesn’t matter. What does is how Loki looks in Fortnite. After all, the MCU is known to have multiple versions of the same character, and the TV show will likely spawn even more versions of Loki beyond the female one we already have now. 

Going back, the Loki skin in Fortnite is the Avengers 1 version, which is known for its black trench coat with green and gold accents, a golden helm with two horns that face front yet arch backward, and Loki’s scepter. 

The skin may have been included in the game as a tie-in for the show, but its looks are just pure nostalgia. Even players who have no plans to watch the TV series will want to get one, as the Avengers movies, especially the first, have become deeply ingrained with modern pop culture. 

Those that want to play as this prince of chaos can get the Loki bundle by signing up for Fortnite Crew, the game’s monthly subscription offer. Priced at twelve dollars a month, the subscription comes with 1000 free V-Bucks, the season’s battle pass, and the skin being offered for the month. With so many things that come with the Fortnite Crew, a Fortnite Account for sale with one will definitely be valuable. 

Apart from Loki, which is this month’s skin, the bundle will come with a Rick Sanchez skin, as that skin comes with the battle pass. Funnily enough, the two characters have a similarity, as Rick is no stranger to time travel, much like Loki is now. 

Why Only Now 

Come to think of it, it took way too long for Fortnite to have Loki in the game, as Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale has long included a wide variety of heroes and villains from Marvel’s body of work, and some of them are nowhere near as significant as the MCU’s most significant antagonist before Thanos. In fact, out of the many franchises that have collaborated with Fortnite, it has the most skins: a whopping 24. It should come as no surprise why. The MCU is the biggest superhero phenomenon to ever hit the silver screens, while Fortnite is the biggest Battle Royale so far, or likely, ever. 

Finally, players can now get that long-awaited chicken dinner with their beloved brother Thor or square up, against the thundergod’s Avenger friends. Or better yet, with Loki’s show being all about traveling from one timeline to another, have him go head-to-head with other familiar Marvel teams he either didn’t have the chance to meet, or perhaps, meet yet, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men. 

Time is running out – pun intended – so get that Loki bundle while you can. Trust us, you’re going to miss him when he’s gone. Just ask Thor. 

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