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The Yahoo people search was once a popular site that allows a user to look for the desired person by using the name and the location. To be more precise the user can search adding additional details like the street address, telephone number, and email address. 

Yahoo’s search engine was good enough for single usage. The information related to personal information is managed through Intelius, official government records, and the white pages available online. 

Yahoo people search is not available on the internet anymore. The users who want to do the search can use it even now by searching with the full name, address, phone number, and email. Simply go to the Yahoo search engine on and add the details you want to use for the search. 

The tech experts are of the view that this information is no longer useful as most of it is outdated. Thus, the reliability is in question. The people who are doing the search are actually looking for comprehensive information that can actually help when needed. 

After the Yahoo People’s Search is no longer existent there are many other alternatives available to get the information that is a must for seeking help. These popular alternatives to the Yahoo Search People include BeenVerified, Pipl, ZabaSearch, PeopleSmart, Spokeo, etc.

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How Yahoo People Search Worked?

Yahoo owed most of the information to Intelius. It is a popular information retrieval organization. Yahoo is the licensed platform of Intelius. This tool has all the information that is absolutely free. If you want to acquire the information then you have to pay for it. 

The People Search tool worked like a filter that got the essential information from different phone books, white pages, and yellow pages. And then added them to Yahoo’s search service. This essential information is available online. Most of the information is known publicly so we can’t say that the information was sensitive, secure, or potentially harmful.

To get the phone number or the address it is important to add the last name. It was also possible to use the reverse phone number that could retrieve the essential credentials including the address and phone number of the concerned person. 

What Is Meant By Yahoo People Search Privacy?

All the information sorted out during the Yahoo People’s Search is available through publicly accessible databases like public records or online phone books. Thus, no information was sent back from Yahoo because it had some problems. 

The user has the ease to remove the information from Yahoo People Search by filling the removal form. This information will be cleared from the Yahoo search history but it would still be available on the other sources. 

Yahoo People Search Alternatives

Now when Yahoo Search People is no longer available there are other alternatives available for the users. For most of the users, it is not hard to use these alternatives as the functionality is almost similar to the Yahoo People Search. 

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1.TruePeopleSearch helps in finding the people using their names and other credentials. It offers more free results as compared to other sites. Some of the key essentials shared through this website include current address, wireless and/or landline phone numbers, age, previous town of residence, and even the relatives, email addresses, associated names, and possible associates. To narrow the results the user has the option of carrying out the filtered search like that based on age. While searching for the related person the user gets the opportunity ongoing to the person’s page by clicking the link before his name. Thus, you can get the full report too. 


If you want to spend less time searching for the right person it is better to start using the second top-ranked alternative to Yahoo People Search, the TruthFinder. Besides getting the essential personal information it also helps in sorting out the people according to traffic offenses, misdemeanors, court records, judgments, felonies, bankruptcies, relatives, phone numbers, online profiles, assets, arrest records, weapons permits, mugshots, sexual offenses, and address information.

The other information provided by the TruthFinder includes a person’s job information, email addresses, education history, death records, government watch list records, social media images, dating profiles, videos, registered domains, online interests, blog posts, and more.

Among all this information what you can get free is just the full name. To find out about all the other information you have to make a payment. As soon as you make the payment you get instant access to the entire data. There are different payment plans that you can use. You can get access to unlimited reports after paying for one month. It’s also possible to get reports for two months at once so that you can make a saving too. 

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Facebook is the most used social network with hundreds of millions of clients using it every day. Facebook is both fun and information. Add in your choice then find the best results by searching with the help of name, city, school, and even the workplace. Thus, it helps in finding the old friends and acquaintances that were part of your life some time in history, and now you are reminded of all those. Facebook not just permits you to search for those you knew once but it also allows you to share the information with your loved ones too so that you can stay connected with those you want. 


BeenVerified people finder search engine

BeenVerified is another alternative to the Yahoo People’s search. It is very similar in function to the TruthFinder as it helps in seeking maximum information about the people you’re looking for. Besides personal information, it is just the right alternative to access the background reports, contact information, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, criminal records, and much more. It helps your search as you can add what you have and it will in return give you the rest of the details that are missing. These functionalities are available for free but if you pay then you can definitely enjoy the search based on the results coming from over 50 websites. If you get a one-month subscription it is possible to enjoy unlimited reports. Getting a three months subscription is a better choice to save money and search more. 


Zabasearch is a free search engine. That provides all necessary details and records. The user can find the details with the help of name and phone number. The free results are minimum but for better search results through deep search, the user can simply click other links given before each person. 

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If you were using the Yahoo People Search in the past for your personal and official tasks and now you are missing this utility then there is nothing to feel bad about. A list of alternatives is here to help you with the search of finding the person you want with the help of all the essential data you have.

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