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If you have been looking for ways in which you can improve your armour in EFT, then here’s what you need to know beforehand. 

As you can imagine, aside from bitcoin Tarkov farming or finding those coveted Tarkov items, or even looking for the lucky scav junkbox, the likes of armour players a big part in EFT. Ultimately, you are going to find that it is more often than not the difference between living and dying. 

Choosing Your Tarkov Armor

It comes down to two different choices in body armour in the game. You have regular EFT armored vests which you can put into your body armour slot, then you can add to your chest rig slot with armoured rigs. Keep in mind that you can’t put an armoured rig over a regular set of body armour. 

With that in mind, you will need to consider choosing an armoured rig, since you will be more likely to get it back should you perish. This is because whoever kills you will need to drop more to get your EFT armored rig if they want to take it, should they be using the common Tarkov armor and vest setup. There is also the fact that you can quickly swap out body armour, whilst switching rigs would mean that you need to rearrange a lot more with your meds and transferring mags. Therefore, trying to get an EFT armoured rig is much more time-consuming, so you are more likely to not have it stolen.

Repairing Your Tarkov Armor

Making sure that you repair your EFT armor is paramount to how effective it is and your survival. Particular materials that are used can handle bullets better than others, so you will have to factor that in. Polymer for example is a good material since it is a lot more durable than other materials. 

It is worth mentioning on that note that certain materials are easier to repair. In the long run, having the knowledge of what these are can save you money. If you were to hire a trader to work on repairing your Escape from Tarkov armor, then you will lose a certain amount of durability from it. You could save the most money using Prapor, in exchange for a shoddy job being done. Your best choice for the preservation of your EFT armour is the mechanic, though it is going to cost you the most as well. To find the middle ground, opt for Skier for an in-between level of cost and quality. 

Tarkov Armor Levels

You may also want to know exactly what the best Escape from Tarkov armour is at its respective levels as well. With that in mind, you could take into consideration these options for what EFT armour to be using at what level. When you’re at level 2 for example, a great choice would be PACA, 3M which is a soft body form of EFT armour that can help protect you against pistol bullets and shotgun pellets. It’s a good choice for early game, but that’s about it for this piece. 

At level 3, we have the likes of the UNTAR, Kirasa, Zhuk-3 Press armour choice which can be useful against cheap assault rifle ammunition. It’s a good choice budget wise, but any form of decent ammo used against it will cause you issues. Meanwhile, at level 4 we have the 6B13 Assault, Trooper which you can use to protect yourself against high calibre rounds more effectively. It will also protect against budget Escape from tarkov armour piercing rounds, but you will have to deal with a movement decrease and the high price of it. That being said, its probably one of the best EFT armours you can get at this point. 

At level 5, you are looking at the likes of Gen4, Gzhel, 6B13 ‘Killa’, which at this level will protect you from most forms of ammo, but it does come with a very high price as well, not only for purchasing but also to repair it as well. The Slick, FORT choices at level 6 provide you with an utter tank option for your EFT armour. Expect to stop practically everything that comes your way at this point, though you will also be expected to pay an enormous amount for the privilege. The high costs of purchasing the armour and repairing it also comes with a decrease in your movement rather heftily. 

Final Words

You should now have a much better idea of how you can make the most out of your armour in Escape from Tarkov. Finding those precious Tarkov items can be hard when it comes to the best armour setups, but at least you now have a better idea of what you need to use. 

Have you managed to find any of these Escape from Tarkov armors in the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

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