Earn Osrs Gold With Questing

Here is everything that you need to know about this novice quest in Old School Runescape.

Looking to take a break from earning OSRS gold and racking up your skill points? Then why not take in a short quest? Here is everything you need to know about the Black Knights’ Fortress in Old School Runescape. 


There are some OSRS items that we will need for this quest that will save us some time. First, go to either the cabbage patch in the farm that is to the south of Falador, or goes near the Edgeville Monastery and grabs a cabbage. We will also want to purchase an iron chain body with our OSRS GP and a bronze med helm. These can be purchased from Wayne’s Chains in Falador and Peksa in Barbarian Village respectively. 

Beginning the Black Knights’ Fortress Quest

First off, we are going to head to the White Knights’ Castle. Here you will need to speak with Sir Amik Varze, who will inform you he needs the services of a spy. He will task you with spying on the Black Knights over at the fortress, which can be found to the northeast of Falador. You will be looking to find out about the new weapon that they have, and ultimately dispose of it. Make sure you have an inventory space free so you can get the dossier from Sire Amik Varze, which will self-destruct after you have read it. 

Getting into the Black Knights’ Fortress

Go to the northeast of the Dwarven Mine to find the Black Knights’ Fortress. Go through the Black Knights who will engage with you in combat, then go through the door to the south where the guards are. Have your iron chain body and bronze med helm on so you can get inside. 

Now that you have entered, find the wall in front of you, and you will notice that it can be pushed. This will lead you into a small room with a ladder, so head up. Go south then climb down the ladder here before going through the eastern door. There will be another ladder here for you to climb, so head on up before going down the ladder that’s next to it. This will take you to a room that has a chaos altar in it, so open the door you find here. Avoid the knights then head down the ladder over to the southwest here, and you will be in another small room with a grill. Click on it to hear a conversation between the goblin and the witch. 

We now need to head back to the room with the false wall again, so navigate your way back via the ladders. To the east, there will be a door where a number of Black Knights can be seen at a table. You won’t be able to open the door, and instead, a guard will speak to you. Keep in mind that you may have to take down a Black Knight in order to be able to complete the relevant dialogue here. 

You will be told that an important meeting is taking place and anyone who enters will be killed. Express that you don’t care and intend to enter regardless then run away from the knights. Head up the ladder to the north then go east, and you will find a wall that you can push again. 

Destroying the Weapon

Once you have pushed this wall, you will see a hole. Right-click on your cabbage so that you use it on the hole. You will then hear groans from the witch, prompting that you have successfully sabotaged the weapon in question. 

After the weapon has been destroyed, you can head back to tell Sire Amik Varze that the deed is done. Complete the dialogue and you will have successfully completed the Black Knights’ Fortress quest. For doing so, you will receive three quest points, plus 2500 coins

There you have it, you have now completed the Black Knights’ Fortress quest. This is only a short quest for you to complete, and there are minimal requirements bar a few OSRS items and the ability to be able to deal with the knights when necessary. You will also be required to finish this quest if you have been looking to complete the Recruitment Drive and King’s Ransom quests.

Final Words

Overall, you won’t need to grab a Twisted Bow or any other powerful weapon to deal with this quest. Nor will you have to buy OSRS gold to get the required OSRS items, so don’t worry about having to find OSRS gold for sale. Just set a small amount of time aside to complete this quest to get those quest points you have been looking for. 

Have you completed this Black Knights’ Fortress quest? Let us know in the comments section below!

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