CBSE Class 10 Science: How To Ace Your Chemistry Paper?

Board exams are very crucial and a turning point in your career, irrespective of the stream you are planning on choosing later. Now, when it comes to scoring subjects, science and maths take the cake as you can score full marks here if you study thoroughly. And, in science, chemistry is comparatively easy if you take an interest. So, read ahead on how to score high marks in your chemistry paper.

Chemistry Syllabus 

  1. Periodic Properties and Variation of properties
  2. Chemical Bonding
  3. Study of Acids, Bases, and Salts
  4. Analytical Chemistry.
  5. Mole Concept and Stoichiometry
  6. Electrolysis
  7. Metallurgy
  8. Study of Compounds
  9. Organic Chemistry

Vedantu ncert science class 10 can be considered the best and your perfect companion for the board preparations. The solutions given are very systematic and have a detailed explanation of each chapter. This is an ideal tool for students who want to even learn the right format of writing answers. 

How To Ace Your Chemistry Paper?

Learning from the experience

Chemistry is in our daily life. The concepts are all around us, but what usually happens is that at home we don’t realize the importance. Now, when you study the chapter especially about the acids bases and salts, you can visualize in your home and experiencing this will be helpful for you to remember.


The chemistry syllabus has more to memorize rather than solving. Learn to memorize in a way you can remember easily. For example, giving a nickname for some of the equations or definitions helps in memorizing fast.

Chemical Equations.

The syllabus has lots of chemical names and formulas, which needs to be learned. It is sure for anyone to learn all in a day or two. Therefore, last-minute preparations are never advised. One has to make it a practice to learn every day and revise the same the next day to ensure while learning the new ones you should not forget the old ones

Balancing the Equations

This is very important in chemistry. Students must remember to balance the equation in the answer sheet. Practice balancing the equations as much as possible as it is very important and can help you score full marks.

Solve The Sample Question Papers

Once you have read through the syllabus, it’s important to move on to solving the sample papers to get an idea of the examination and also you can keep track of time and complete within the scheduled time. This will also help to know your performance level. You can then compare your answers with the NCERT to know how better you could improve your answers.

Read All The Chapters In Detail

Reading all chapters in your textbook and not missing even one in the syllabus is very important. NCERT solutions can also help. The benefits of referring NCERT for chemistry class 10:

  1. The solutions are easy to learn. The multiple-choice questions that are given in the NCERT help prepare the students with important questions.
  2. There are practice test papers, which you can use to test yourself.
  3. The solutions are prepared by well-defined teachers who have ultimate knowledge of the subject.

The syllabus is as per the latest CBSE curriculum in NCERT books, therefore, you can easily rely on them. 

Study Plan

It is an important step for every student to have a convenient study structure. Students should understand the syllabus before making the study plan. A study plan will help you manage your time and help you understand how much you have to study every day, without any stress. 

Study Area

One more important factor is the study area. Have a designated area, which is suitable for you and a place where there is no disturbance or distraction. Chemistry is a subject that requires a lot of memorization. Therefore, proper concentration and focus are required, which can be garnered via an allotted study area. 

Making Notes

It is always better to make point-wise notes. This will help in reviewing and remembering the chapters more easily. Preparing the study notes according to the chapters will make it easier and will stay in your memory long term. 

Preparing Early

Students should start preparing the subject from day one. This will keep your studies systematic. Do not be in a hurry to finish the chapters, instead, take time and study in a calm manner.

Practicing the Exercises

Once you read the chapter and you have understood it well, you can start answering the question from the exercises and also answer questions in the NCERT solutions as it will ensure thoroughness and will provide good practice in answering the questions and help you understand the appropriate way of answering.

Duration of the Studies

All the subjects need time and dedication. Especially a subject like chemistry needs quite a lot of time as there are lots of things which you have to memorize and this is time-consuming. But continuously studying will make you stressed out and your focus gets diverted. The best way is to study for a small duration and take breaks in between to keep you motivated.

Having Proper Sleep

Don’t think that studying through the night will make you score good marks. It will only lead to you losing your energy and your mind because of a lack of proper rest. This can also make you might fall sick and can hamper your study schedule. Therefore, sleep for at least 7-8 hours.

Final Words

Chemistry will be much easier to score if a proper study plan is made with an understanding of the syllabus. The time given for each chapter should be managed properly. Practice the exercises given in the NCERT solutions as they can make it easier for you and remember to solve the sample question papers in the allotted time.

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