How To Buy Used IPhone [Buying Guide] In 2021

The iPhone is a great device. Due to its quality functions and amazing features, phone users all over the world prefer adding the iPhone to their gadget collection. Despite this experience, it is not easy to buy iPhones for every mobile phone lover. The price is a big challenge and the iPhones are rarely available on sale as well. Thus, getting the second-hand or used iPhone is the best alternate. The used phones are often refurbished and can save the precious bucks that you cannot spend on any new iPhone. 

If you want to buy a used iPhone for your personal use then you should consider for best-refurbished phones available at a discount. These essentials can save you from a huge loss as buying the used phones is an investment too.

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Points To Keep In Mind 

The Source Of Buying 

Many first-time buyers are concerned about the fact that are these phones reliable or not. To get a reliable phone it is important to buy the phone from a reliable source. Several reliable sources in the market can help you in getting high-quality iPhones. It is better to check the reviews and comments of those who have acquired the iPhones from these sources. Avoid staying away from the less reputable selling platforms to avoid any huge loss. 

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Right Phone For The Right Company 

The iPhone 5 and above are the models that work well with all phone company networks. The AT&T network is a little complex as it requires an additional LTE signal. Thus, in some parts, the service is much faster than the others. An iPhone created especially for Verizon would not let you enjoy the services of AT&T. Before getting the model check with the model number of the phone so that it can support your network. 

Avoid Stolen Phones 

While buying a mobile phone you may come across a mobile that is stolen. It’s A common trend as several stolen iPhones are reported every day. The iPhones come with an activation code issued by Apple. This prevents the phone from being used by a new user. Use the IMEI or MEID number to check if the phone is stolen or not. 

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Carrier Locking

After getting the right model, call the phone company to make sure that the activation code is valid and the company will activate the phone too. Get the IMEI number and call the carrier. Share the IMEI number with your career so that they can tell you if the phone works. 

The Battery Life 

It is not possible to replace the battery therefore make sure that you get an iPhone that has a strong battery with longer life. An iPhone used for a few months has better battery life than the one that is a year or older. The iPhone often has the Battery Health feature that would tell you about the health of the iPhone battery. The percentage appearing in the Maximum Capacity section depicts how good the battery is doing. 

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Hardware Life 

Every iPhone may suffer some internal damages due to continuous usage. Just like the scratches out on the surface, there can be scratches inside the phone too. Thus, you cannot ignore the condition of the hardware. It is more important than the outer appearance of the iPhone. Check the sensor for water damage, look at how the camera functions, and check all the essential features that are part of the hardware. 

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Storage Capacity 

Most of the used iPhones are not of the latest version. There can be problems regarding less storage. The best storage capacity is 512 GB. The least you can get in the name of the storage is 16 GB. In case you save the data through iCloud then there is little to worry about the storage capacity. It is essential to remember that the minimum you should get the storage option should not be less than 64 GB. 

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Correlate The Features And The Price 

Correlate the prince and the features. Make sure that you are paying the right cost for the version. Getting an older version at more price is not something sensible. First, explore the world of the iPhone, know about the features, and then pay. 

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The Warranty 

Check for iPhones that are refurbished but still have the warranty. Reputable sellers make sure that they are selling quality products to their buyers. This can save you from future challenges. Getting an iPhone in the warranty is a sensible step. 

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Where To Buy 

If you are planning to get a used iPhone then do make sure from where you are getting it. There are several offline and online sources from where you can acquire the low-cost but quality used iPhones. Some popular sellers to get the right iPhone are as follows:

  • Apple is known for selling reliable used iPhones. There is a regular update of the products so that you can buy the best options. Therefore, while buying the used iPhone do not forget to consider this amazing seller. Here at Apple, the refurbished iPhones are handled by experts. These phones also have a one-year warranty. 
  • Many popular phone companies have taken up the task of selling the used iPhones along with the new phones. These are the iPhones that were either upgraded or repaired in the recent past. The popular companies include NextWorth and Gazelle. Their prices are not too high either and they come with a quality protection plan.
  • If you prefer getting the things online then the two best choices available for getting the used iPhones include eBay and Craigslist. Although they are the hot sellers but still it is important to remember that there can be scammers to deprive you of your money. Before ordering online check for the reviews so that you would not end up getting faulty products. 

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