Broadening Your Digital Horizons

Digital marketing has, finally, become the rule rather than the exception. According to a recent CNBC report, businesses now drive an unbelievable $147 billion into Google ads alone – which represents 29% of global advertising spending. It’s little wonder that many outlets reported in December 2020 that digital ad spend had finally surpassed the money spent on conventional forms. For businesses looking to develop loyalty or secure new customers, this spells one thing – competition. Increasingly, marketers must look for ways to broaden their digital horizons in order to stay relevant.

Any and all Platforms

Flexibility and a willingness to reach out to new platforms should be at the cornerstone of a modern and agile marketing strategy. A good place to look at this being achieved is Austin’s digital marketing scene. As a business operating in a young, vibrant, and technologically progressive city, an Austin marketing agency often has to look for cutting-edge ways to stand out. The Austin American-Statesman highlights the work of Homeward in that regard. A key facet of the startup is a willingness and ability to quickly and effectively set up new digital marketing platforms. Identifying areas of your business that need growth, and opportunities to exploit in digital media, is a key skill. However, key stories show that this growth must be organic: digital businesses cannot co-opt a different voice from their normal strategy, or they can risk repercussions.

Keeping it Natural

The importance of brand voice has never been more pronounced. Marketing via social media means that consumers have the opportunity and the talent to instantly pick out inauthentic voices. It really does show if you don’t take the right approach. Before broadening your digital marketing approach, it’s worth looking at how your brand voice sounds, and making subtle adjustments. Forbes have produced a 13-point plan geared towards new businesses in the digital world – the same principles are effective for a gentle change in an existing voice. An inauthentic voice can be your folly, so ensure that any changes are done gently and, crucially, that you have the credentials to back them up.

Holding On To Delight

Bringing an organic, natural, and enriching experience to the consumer is something that McKinsey has highlighted as a potentially huge driver behind customer loyalty. They highlighted positive interactions between customers doing grocery shopping online as a key example – where service was positive and enjoyable, 40% suggested they would keep shopping online, even after conditions had returned to a place where they could do it in-person. This shows that being at the forefront of a service, and showing genuine excitement and encouragement for the task you are enabling customers to take part in, has real value. For some businesses, that means broadening what they consider a service.

Final Words

That is, in part, where the beauty in effective marketing lies. You can actually gain an insight into how to further develop your business, and further create services to excite customers. Marketing is as much about making the sale as it is about gathering crucial information from customers – don’t waste the opportunity.

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