6 Top Features You Must Have in Your EMR or EHR Software

When it comes to EMR or electronic medical records there are plenty of software options that you can use for your medical along with clinical data for your patients. If you have this management software installed in your clinic would help with streamlining everything and all of the functions can be improved as well. There are numerous options that you can consider and you need to be aware of the various features that you want in the software either it is ready built or you are considering a second option by ordering a custom-made solutions such as Softarex custom software development service.

The software that you use for health care can come with numerous features that you need to know about. There are so many common features that should be included and you need to know what they are so you can consider them when making your decision. Some of the top features include system integration, interfaces, scanning of medical documents, tracking of medication, reminders of appointments, electronic prescriptions, and even marketing support. If you want to know more about the features that you must have, then keep reading on.

Systems and Interfaces Integration

This is just one of the top aspects that any EMR solution or soft should have. This would allow for the interfaces or the systems to work together in pushing and pulling the data on-demand and in real-time. These could include a hospital information system or HIS and the billing system, which will make everything easier and faster.

Integration with billing makes it easier for you to streamline the process of billing the patients. It also makes your office staff more efficient and it can help with a lower number of coding errors. This would also make reimbursement easier and faster since it can be done through the integration of these systems. This will help with preventing any problems from arising in billing, which can cost you more over time and money that will be lost or delayed.

Scanning of Documents

You would also want to ensure that the software allows you to scan in the documents. This helps you to create some customized workflow that would be tailored to the unique needs of your clinic. This would help you when you are directing the supporting document to the external clicks for billing or those in-house.

This would eliminate all need to obtain, make copies and fax those documents over and reduces the chances of billing delays or paperwork going missing. This also allows you to see all of the test results after they are scanned into the system without having to use the images. This can help with ensuring that everything is attached to the file of the patient so that it can be accessed easily and quickly during consultation.

Tracking of Medication

You are also going to be able to track the medications that you have prescribed to the patient. This would allow all of the information to be available to not only you but any other doctors using the system at the same time. This can help you to see what the patient should be taking and then allow you to prescribe medications that won’t interact with them.

This is going to let you see just how much of each medication the patient is getting and it can also avoid overlapping of medications. This will also help you with knowing and avoiding prescribing medications that they would be allergic to or that they might already have enough of. This will make it easier for you to track what is happening and for other doctors to see when they are checking out your patient.

Electronic Prescriptions

Another feature that you must have in your EHR software is the ability to write prescriptions. This would make it easier since you won’t have to write them down and you can be sure the medication would be filled properly. These can also be sent directly to the pharmacy where the patient is going to pick it up without issues.

Also, you might not always be in the office when the patient needs a refill or even a new medication if something isn’t working. If you have the right software, then you will be able to easily submit the prescription and they can pick it up when it is ready. This will make everything easier for not only you but also for your patients and everyone involved.

Reminders for Appointments

When the software is connected electronically using laptops, mobile devices, tablet computers, and more using email, then it makes everything easier. You would be able to communicate easier with your patients and you can even remind them of upcoming appointments. You will be able to choose the advance time limit for sending the reminders and the messages that would be sent to them. This ensures that they have ample time to cancel the appointment or even to remind them about it.

Marketing Support

You are going to be collecting various types of data about the patients and you can use the EMR system to build a more complete view of the entire client base along with performance output. You would be able to see how your team is performing and know how to make the changes. This will be important and if it is something that you are interested in, then ask about it.

Also, you can use these to help with marketing the clinic if you want to bring in more patients. The right software would include reports that let you know this information. This can then be shared with the doctor based community. The more your patients can trust you, then the more likely you are to get more new patients over time.


When you are picking an EMR it is all about picking the perfect option for the practice. You should ensure that all of your needs and wants are part of the system, which can help you with taking care of them. If you want the best system and software, then you should make sure to talk with Softarex EHR & EMR Medical Practice Management Solution to see what they can offer you.

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