5 Types of PlayStation in 2021

There are many versatile video game consoles available in the market at present. However, PlayStation by Sony Interactive Entertainment stands out as first among the first. Presently PlayStation is the largest selling video game console across the globe, owing to its unique features.  PlayStation includes a gaming PC, an online service, controllers, software, subscription codes, cards, and other hardware and accessories.  You can buy the PlayStation cards online.

There are two types of PlayStation in vogue.  The first one is the Home console. It is the most common Playstation, and it is meant for indoor use. The other type is Handheld. It is a portable version of PlayStation.

Home Video console

It has many versions ranging from Original PlayStation to PlayStation 5.

1. PlayStation

It is the original PlayStation. It was launched in 1994 as a flagship of   Sony Company. It took the video game console market by storm since its release. It was a fifth-generation video game console. Subsequently, it gradually developed in many advanced versions.

2. PlayStation one

Sony Interactive Entertainment introduced PlayStation to the world in July 2000. It was an aesthetic and smaller version of the original PlayStation. It used a graphical user interface for the home menu. That was a novelty at that time.  It was the largest selling video game console in the year 2000.

3. PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 also came into the market in 2000.  It was a thinner video game console. It was compatible with the software and games of the original PlayStation and PlayStation one. It was the most liked video game console at that time.


It was a relatively smaller and developed version of PlayStation 2, having a port for internet connectivity. Some pieces of this version had a built-in internal modem.

4. PlayStation 3

The video Game console world had a new entrant as PlayStation 3 from Sony in 2006.  PlayStation 3 was a seventh-generation video game console owing to the included motion-sensing technology, Blue Ray Disc Player, and high-resolution technology in this version.

Slim model

Sony reintroduced a lighter, smaller, and slim model of PlayStaion3 in 2009. It was a less power consuming model, and its controller had a remote control on the HDMI.

Super slim model 

It was a relatively super slimmer and technologically advanced version of the slim PlayStation3.

5. PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 came into the video game market in the last months of 2013. It used X 86 architecture. Sony launched a PlayStation App to facilitate PlayStation 4 users to use their phones or computer as an additional screen.

Slim Model

The PlayStation 4 slim model was introduced in September 2016. It was a beautifully designed version with DualShock 4 controller.

Pro Model 

PlayStation Pro or PS 4 Pro had an introduction to the market in 2016. It was an improved version of the PS4.

6. PlayStation5

PlayStation 5 is the youngest member of the PlayStation family, and it was introduced to the US market in November 2020. It is a next-generation video game console but is compatible with PlayStation 4 games. It is the largest-selling video game console owing to its versatility at present.

 Handheld PlayStation

This segment offers some remarkable portable PlayStations.


It was a mini video game console for the Japanese market only. It had an LCD screen, a speaker, a clock, and an infrared communication system. It worked as a peripheral to the PlayStation console.

PlayStation Portable

It was the first complete portable video game console.  Sony introduced it in late 2004 as an original PSP-1000, which had some distinct features such as Universal Media Disc and 32 MB internal, expandable flash memory. Its control features resembled that of PlayStation 3.


Ps-2000 was a modified lighter and slimmer version of PPSP-1000. It had some modified features such as a USB port, Video-Out feature. But, it was incompatible with games of older versions.


It was an upgraded version of PSP-2000. It had several new features like an in-built microphone and a high-resolution screen. Sony launched two economic versions of the PSP series – PSP Go and PSP PRO.

PSP Vita

This version was introduced in 2012. It was the most advanced handheld PS, but it was discontinued in 2019. A new PCH series will replace it.

After Thoughts

The above article was a short journey into the world of PlayStation. We hope it helps you to choose the right version of the PlayStation.

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