The Best 5 Apps to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone

Ever wondered if your partner is faithful or not? To find yourself wondering if he is cheating on you. Understanding that your boyfriend’s behavioral changes or acting secretive may discourage you. You can now spy on your boyfriend and gather all the evidence with these apps.

Top 5 Apps to Spy on Your Boyfriend

There are many boyfriend spy apps on the internet. But here are the absolute bests that we would recommend.

1. mSpy

mSpy is our favorite app to spy on boyfriend’s phone. It helps you track iPhone messages and monitor your boyfriend’s cellphone giving you updates every five minutes.

You can even access incoming and outgoing messages with the app running efficiently in the background. mSpy also gives you full access to your boyfriend’s social media apps as well as his browsing history to track your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing.

2. Localize.Mobi

Localize.Mobi is another app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone. The app not only gives you access to all your boyfriend’s information but you can also track location by phone number and get real-time updates. There are also sudden activity alerts that always provide solid information while spying on a boyfriend.

3. eyeZy

eyeZy is a great app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone. It provides accurate information on all call logs, and the duration of phone calls your boyfriend is having. You can also access all the favorite numbers and information stored on his phone. This boyfriend spy app works remotely and tracks your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing.

4. uMobix

uMobix gives you access to spy on boyfriend’s phone for free. It not only lets you monitor calls and text messages but also deleted files. With uMobix you can track multiple devices at the same time while spying on your boyfriend. Track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing and keep all records with this spy on your boyfriend app.

5. Spyera

Spyera lets you spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. You can collect all the evidence remotely as the app monitors your boyfriend’s activity in the background. An added feature of this spy on your boyfriend app is that it also tracks media files and lets you see whom they are being shared with.

What May Concern You in Your Relationship?

A relationship with uncertainty leads to a lot of upsets. Especially when your boyfriend is always making you anxious and insecure about your future with him. Here are some handy scenarios when it might be justified to spy on your boyfriend.

  • Trust issues

Relationships are built on love and trust. If you sense that you can no longer trust your boyfriend with your secrets and life, it will lead to a lot of hardships in the future.

  • Always on the defensive

If you find yourself or your partner being defensive in arguments all the time, then it is a bad sign, and the relationship has already started to get one-sided for both. Your boyfriend should understand you instead of you explaining yourself to him.

  • Avoid long-term plan conversations

If your boyfriend constantly avoids conversations about the future, then it may concern you in your relationship. This is because it is an indication that he does not see a future with you or this relationship.

  • Less effort in the relationship

Every relationship should not be the case where one is not putting in the effort at all. Notice if your boyfriend admires you the way he used to when you first started dating. Changes concern you in your relationship and should be addressed.


Hopefully, these 5 tracking apps will help you find out whether your boyfriend is faithful to you or not. They will spy on his locations and social media, get access to all the information stored on their devices, and track him without him knowing. With the help of solid spying software, you can check who your boyfriend is texting to remotely. Luckily, such apps are versatile enough to view all the social media sites and much more! 

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