A Short List On The Best Emojis To Use During The Holidays

Holidays, particularly Christmas, is fast approaching. With this, it is not only the gift ideas in which you should worry about. It would be a factor if you also thought about the little things like the greetings you will send out. You can personalize your holiday greetings by adding a few emojis that are fit for the occasion.

You might wonder which emojis are the best ones to use for the holidays? Which ones represent and give out that perfect holiday and Christmas vibes? Remember, you can only send out this greeting once every year. So, being thoughtful and using emojis as the perfect accent to your greetings is necessary.

We came up with a brief list of our favorite emojis representing that holiday cheer and vibe. You can use these to greet your circle of friends, family, and other notable figures. You might even bring up a warm retrospect of old holiday memories with these emojis. Use it to make spreading holiday cheer a little more fun and digital!

Christmas Tree Emoji

An emoji that describes that holiday and Christmas joy is the Christmas Tree. Here, emoji users can use the Christmas Tree as an emoji to send out together with their holiday greetings. There should not be any emoji reminiscent of the occasion itself than the Christmas tree emoji. Use the Christmas Tree Emoji in your holiday well-wishes and greetings!

There should be absolutely nothing that stops anyone from sending out a unique and sincere holiday message. Anyone can also add to the level of personalization and fun by sending it together with this holiday emoji. It should bring up a ton of happy memories from the old holidays that we all had before. Maybe signal a fun memory in the receiver’s brain on the Tree decorations from the good old times?

You can treat the chat bubble or your social media post as your very own Christmas tree with this emoji. You can post the emojis on our list, together with this emoji, to serve as a digital ornament. One thing is for sure; you can be the jolliest person with this Christmas-themed emoji.

Santa Claus Emoji

One thing that we were all fond of before was the iconic “Ho! Ho! Ho!” of Santa Claus. The Santa Claus emoji is reminiscent of that figure that we all loved when we were kids. Remember the times wherein you had to make sure you were an excellent noodle throughout the year? This emoji brings back the wonderful memories of our faith in the Santa Claus figure.

Other references to the Santa Claus emoji come from the title “Father Christmas.” Please take into consideration that the Father Christmas title comes from a different origin. Nonetheless, the Santa Claus emoji should represent both origins in a perfect and non-bearing manner. Use it no matter what background you intend to refer to with this emoji.

The Santa Claus emoji is perfect for those who find themselves in a festive and giving mood. Nothing represents Christmas than the gifts we expect from Santa Claus. Now that we have a social circle, you can use the Santa Claus emoji to refer to your Secret Santa. Send your Secret Santa your regards and use this emoji so he or she knows what you are talking about.

Wrapped Present Emoji

There should be absolutely no one that does not love receiving gifts during Christmas. The entire holiday is all about gifts. It should not be a problem whether you find yourself on the receiving end or the giving end. Giving gifts is essential on Christmas, and you can tell all about it through the Wrapped Present Emoji.

The Wrapped Present emoji is reminiscent of the wrapped gifts that we all used to see under the Christmas tree. So, it should be safe to conclude that this emoji goes hand-in-hand with the Christmas tree emoji. You might have seen the classic wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. You can reference that joyful Christmas morning with this emoji together with the Christmas tree emoji.

The Wrapped Present Emoji comes in with a design of a gift in a box with a tied bow. This technique should be the perfect emoji to drop hints about your expectations for a gift. Send this emoji to your parents to be a little playful while being cryptic on your family group chat.

Snowman Emoji

The snowman is another iconic figure that is all about that holiday and Christmas vibe. You can use the Snowman Emoji to refer to that same iconic figure. Some people even build a snowman as part of their holiday tradition. You can pay homage and honor that tradition with the Snowman Emoji as your symbol.

Building a snowman is an activity that a majority of kids, and even some adults, enjoy. You can send this emoji towards friends and family members that should automatically know what you are referring to. They should know what time or season it is with the simple use of the Snowman Emoji! Time to signal another snowman-making by sending this emoji out to the group chat!

The Snowman emoji comes with an easy to distinguish the design. Three large snowballs, two eyes, stick arms, a carrot nose, and a top hat makes up the Snowman emoji. So, no one should not have any difficulty in locating or distinguishing this emoji among other emojis.


These are the emojis that should represent what the holidays and Christmas are all about. You can use it to accent any thoughtful, sincere, and heartfelt holiday greeting. Send it to people that you love like your co-workers, friends, and family! In your way, you can spread holiday cheer as quickly as sending these emojis from your phone.

You can even be creative and print out these emojis on any greeting card. You should be able to express and tell all about your knowledge of emojis by printing these emojis on your greeting card. What are you waiting for? Get creative and use these Christmas emojis to your advantage!


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