11 Emojis You Can Send To Your Special Someone To Express Your Love

Love is in the air. If you want to make someone smile today, especially your crush or loved ones, try sending them a cute emoji to express your love and affection. Love not only has to be expressed through words, but they can also be expressed through emotions, or what we call “emoji.”

If you want to know the specific meanings and uses of the flirty emojis or love emojis before sending them, this article will serve as a guide. Here are a few of the emojis you can use to express your love towards your special someone, a family member, or even a familiar friend:

Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes Emoji

This smiling face with heart eyes emoji or just the “ heart eye emoji “ portrays a smiley with a positive or “in the mood” face with eyes are in the shape of a heart. This emoji is commonly used for flirting. For example, you see a picture of someone beautiful to your eyes or is “your type,” so you use this emoji. This emoji is also used to express love feelings or adoration.

This heart-eye emoji applies not only to a person you are “attracted to,” but also a person you find beautiful or handsome with no sexual feelings towards them. It is to praise their beauty. You can even use this emoji to admire the beauty of other objects, animals, plants, etc.

Smiling Face With Three Hearts Emoji

This smiling face with three hearts emoji is like the previous emoji, but this one is commonly used to express that they feel loved or adored. People use this emoji when someone sends them a sweet message, or when someone compliments them. You can say that you use this emoji when you “feel the butterflies in your stomach.”

Love Letter Emoji

This love letter emoji portrays an envelope with a red heat on top of it. This emoji can be used when you send a love letter or deliver a romantic message to someone you love or someone that means a lot to you. This emoji can also be used by the person who has received the “love letter.”

Two Hearts Emoji

These two hearts emoji portray two red or pink hearts with different sizes. The two hearts are floating above each other: the bigger one is below, and the smaller one is above. It is similar to the “smiling face with three hearts emoji” since this can be used when you feel loved. It is also a way to express your love or your feeling towards someone or something.

It can be used for romantic purposes or just a friendly approach. It depends on who you are sending this heart emoji or how you use this emoji. This emoji expresses a warm and gentle love and is commonly used by young people.

Heart With Arrow Emoji

Another heart emoji is this heart with arrow emoji. This emoji is portrayed as a heart with an arrow that is shot into it. It is commonly used by people who want to express that they are on the stage of “falling in love.” The usual reason people use this emoji is to show love or romantic feelings.

This emoji is commonly used on Valentine’s Day since it looks like the heart that cupid shot an arrow. It is widely used to send out a strong love message towards a special someone, regardless if they are just in the “falling in love” stage or in the dating stage already.

Beating Heart Emoji

This emoji portrays a heart that is beating. It is also used to express strong love or affection towards someone. It can mean that the person is in love or is feeling loved. This beating heart emoji not only applies to lovers but also for feelings wherein we see something or an object that we like, or we are in a situation that makes us happy.

Kiss Mark Emoji

This kiss mark emoji represents lips in red lipstick. This emoji is commonly used when someone is sending a kiss to a special someone, a family member, or even a friend. This emoji does not have to be romantic or sexual. It can also be used for friendly greetings.

Face Blowing A Kiss Emoji

This kissing emoji portrays a face that is winking and blowing a kiss. This emoji is one of the most popular emojis used for various reasons, whether romantic, friendly, or just for fun. If you want to flirt with someone, you can use this emoji to send love to someone.  This emoji is also used for simple and friendly greetings.

Kissing Face With Closed Eyes Emoji

This emoji is like the previously mentioned emoji. You may also use this emoji to send kisses to someone romantically or just in a friendly way. This emoji is a much more adorable and pure way to send kisses or greet someone, whether they are our crush, significant other, friends, or even our family.

Kissing Face With Smiling Face Emojis

This kissing face emoji is usually confused with the previously mentioned emoji, but the use and meaning of this emoji are just the same with the former one. It can be a way to express romantic, flirty, and even just friendly feelings towards someone. You can also use this emoji when you want to express your gratitude to someone who has done good things.

Hugging Face Emoji

This hugging face emoji portrays a smiley that has its arms open and full to offer someone a hug. This emoji can symbolize warm feelings towards someone. It is also a popular emoji to use when you want to express your greetings and support for someone that means something or a lot to you.


Expressing love can be challenging and complicated, especially when we are not good at expressing through words. Emojis have made it easy for everyone to express their feelings towards something or someone, especially a “love feeling.”


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