5 Gesture Emojis That You Can Use To Accurately Describe Your Emotions

The art of expressing our emotions has become more fun and creative with the use of emojis. There is nothing better and relieving than being able to describe your feelings in a digital conversation accurately. Thanks to these gesture emojis, you no longer have to worry about the receiving end not understanding your point. Use these gesture emojis in the best scenarios you deem necessary.

The beauty of using emojis is that they appear innocent. They are also a creative way of chatting, texting, and posting on social media platforms. You no longer have to worry about having the lack of courage to say what you feel in words. Most of the time, you cannot even put your emotions into words. These gesture emojis are the perfect tools to deal with these dilemmas.

Another aspect of why these gesture emojis are an effective way to convey emotion are the symbols of the gestures themselves. Here are some of our favorite gesture emojis that effectively deliver our feelings, thoughts, and feelings. You can use this article about gesture emojis as your guide to effectively improve your emoji and communication skills.

Woman Facepalming Emoji

If you ever feel any emotions of disappointment and frustration, the woman facepalming emoji is the right emoji to use. The gesture of facepalming should be enough for the other end to understand your feelings of failure. Female emoji users should be able to use this emoji to describe any unfortunate occurrences throughout their day. The woman facepalming emojis should be a solid and understandable reaction that shows deep disappointment.

The female facepalming emoji has another gender counterpart, which is the male facepalming emoji. Both emojis have the same general meaning, which is the face palm emoji. Here, the female facepalming emoji is the perfect emoji to describe any feelings of shame that concerns a female user. Whether it’s confessing mistakes or misfortune, this should get the job of expressing your emotions done quickly.

Woman Raising Hand Emoji

This emoji describes a female enthusiastically raising her right hand. The gesture or act of raising the hand is a concrete way of people catching the attention of other people. It can be a signal of raising attention to ask a question or a plea to be chosen.

Another subtle meaning to this gesture emoji is that this emoji looks like a person greeting someone from a distance. We already know that the act or gesture of raising the hand is already to catch another person’s attention. Here, it is almost that they are trying to signal their presence from a certain point.

Woman Shrugging Emoji

The woman shrugging emoji has a distinct similarity with the woman tipping her hand emoji. However, the difference between these two gesture emojis comes because this emoji has her other hands tipped too. Also, the face shows feelings of confusion, being upset, and uncertainty.

The shrugging gesture may symbolize a person’s uncertainty about what a particular answer to a question is. This gesture is perfect in representing any question wherein your reply is the classic “I do not know” line. It can also apply to situations wherein you do not have the right or enough information concerning the question.

A subtle meaning to this gesture emoji is that it can symbolize being mean and a snob to another person. This gesture emoji is another way to ignore someone’s question completely. You could say that this gesture emoji also represents the expression “Whatever.”

Woman With the OK Gesture Emoji

A fun part about gesture emojis is that they are self-explanatory in their own right. With this, you should not need to exert any effort on typing words or phrases. If you agree with a particular statement, you can quickly type in The Woman with the OK gesture emoji. It should signal the other end that you got and understood whatever he or she was saying.

This gesture emoji comes in with the design of a woman emoji holding her hands in the air. Holding her hands up in the air symbolizes an “O” letter that should come off as an “OK” sign. You could save and conserve your precious time and energy by using this emoji instead of typing phrases and words that mean the same thing.

Woman With The NO Gesture Emoji

Another self-explanatory gesture emoji is the Woman Saying No emoji. If the previous gesture emoji was to signal your OK,  then this emoji is the opposite of that. This emoji should be enough to signal to other people that you do not agree, decline, or say “no.”

This gesture emoji also has different gender and color variations. If you do not want to associate or identify yourself with a particular gender, then the “person with the no gesture” emoji should be ideal. Pick from the different skin tones and colors to be more accurate in declining, disagreeing, or saying no to a specific statement.


Gone are the old days wherein you find yourself stressing about the method in which you will reply to another statement. You can easily key-in these gesture emojis to voice your feelings of approval, disapproval, and more.

You do not even have to type in long phrases and sentences and worry about your words being potentially misunderstood. The only essential that you have to do is reply using these gesture emojis, and it should be enough and self-explanatory.


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