Top 11 Free Anime Sites (As of 2021)

Life has never been this great for anime lovers. Just years ago, it was such a challenge to find a free site to watch anime online for free. But now, with hundreds of free anime streaming sites, we are spoilt with choices. We now have the privilege to choose the best sites to watch anime online for free instead of going for whatever site we could find.

Many might find pleasure in looking for anime sites themselves, but for most of us, it takes lots of time and effort. Instead of spending time on our favorite anime, we might have to be on Google, putting our device and identity at risk, only to find a site that might not even be better than our current one. We understand your struggle, and we are here to help you with it. We’ve gone through hundreds of free anime sites to come up with this list to save you from those headaches. These are anime sites that are safe, reliable, and recommended by other anime lovers. So, we recommend bookmarking this page to keep you up to date on the Best Free Anime Streaming Sites available.



Zoro is by far our favorite anime streaming site as it offers premium features at no cost. is the only place you can get an extensive content library, Ultra HD quality (1080p), fast updates, ad-free feature, seamless streaming capabilities, and great customer service. The site also boasts a simple user interface, fast loading speed, and great device compatibility.

2. AniMixPlay


This site has been on the rise recently thanks to its huge database of anime, an array of useful search tools as well as extra functions. What sets AniMixPlay apart from most other sites is its ad-free feature, multiple language subtitles, audio tracks, and fast loading speed. When compared to many paid streaming services, AniMixPlay can even perform better than them for some aspects. As the site is ad-free, you can stream anime here without worries of any possible attacks by viruses and malware.

3. Animepahe


If you love simplicity, Animepahe might become your favorite. This site boasts an extensive content library including the latest releases. The user interface is nothing but simplicity. You can easily find the content of interest in no time with the site search box. Other reasons that make anime fans stay loyal to Animepahe are its HD resolution, fast loading speed, easy access to episodes changing, resolution adjusting, and downloading.

4. 4Anime


4Anime is one of the most sought-after anime streaming sites thanks to its Ultra HD quality, adequate content library, fluid web design, smooth user experience, and fast updates. If you are looking for a site to watch the latest episode, come to 4Anime fifteen minutes later and you might be able to watch it already. Normally we can only stream in HD quality on free sites (some sites ask for a subscription if you wish to stream their content in 1080p), but 4Anime offers all the titles in 1080p for free.

5. GoGoAnime


If you have been an anime fan for a long, you must have heard about Gogoanime. Gogoanime offers an extensive content library with thousands of subbed and dubbed anime shows for us to stream online. The site is known for its fast updates, HD resolution, multiple servers, as well as and active community. However, you might find it inconvenient to explore new anime due to the site’s badly designed filter system.

6. AniOrb


Although AniOrb looks like a copy of Animex. ninja or Animumu, is in fact an independent site. AniOrb is an ad-free streaming site that claims to provide its users with premium features. One of the best things about AniOrb is its simple user interface as well as a detailed filter system. AniOrb will surely get much more support from anime lovers if it can enrich its content library.

7. AnimeFever


Animefever is another safe and reliable anime site to consider when the mood strikes you. Although the site’s content library is not as huge as other sites (as it hosts videos itself, not a search engine), it is highly likely to host the content you are interested in watching. What we like the most about this site is its nice layout and color scheme. The streaming experience is also smooth; so give the site a go if possible.

8. Anime Twist

Anime Twist

You might be confused with what you see when visiting the site. The site looks like it is hacked but in fact, it works totally fine. All you have to do is to type in the anime of interest in the red search box and enjoy the content for free. If you enjoy simplicity and tranquility, we believe that Anime Twist will leave a huge impression on you.

9. AnimeHeaven


Anime Heaven is a search engine that allows you to stream and download (with a third-party downloader) subbed and dubbed anime in HD quality at no cost. The site boasts a modern web design, simple user interface, decent content library, and hassle-free streaming experience. The site also has an active Disqus on airing anime episodes.

10. AnimeFrenzy


AnimeFrenzy is known for its diverse content library with anime resources from both Japan and China, as well as cartoons across genres. All the titles come in HD quality for an enhanced streaming experience. The site also provides multiple servers to make sure you won’t have any problem watching the content of interest. Downloading on AnimeFrenzy is as easy as streaming because it takes you only 1 click to save your favorite anime to watch offline later.

11. 9Anime


9Anime is a fan favorite as it tops the list of the most recommended sites. It is a free anime streaming site that lets us stream and download an enormous library of subbed and dubbed shows in HD quality (720p). The site also boasts fast updates, great customer service, and a simple user interface. Although 9Anime is voted as the best free anime site by many anime fans, it does have a lot of drawbacks such as slow loading speed, rampant ads and popups, and lack of the feature to adjust image quality.


It is easy to realize that is the best anime streaming site on the Internet right now. Actually, the Zoro team explains about the site’s superiority on their website. In order to create a perfect site for anime lovers, the team has learned from other site’s mistakes to ensure the best overall experience for the users. Come check out and share the news with your friends so they all know how knowledgeable you are!

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