Path of Exile – How to Trade with Other Players

Here’s how you can trade your loot with your fellow players.

For players who are new to Path of Exile, you may be unaware of just how heavy of an influence the trading economy has on the way the game plays out. PoE currency is massively important in certain aspects, though there is more than one form of currency that isn’t limited to the typical gold that we are used to.

Path of Exile Trading

Path of Exile doesn’t offer players a traditional method of trading like other similar games. You won’t find any auction houses or grand exchanges here, so you will have to use a way to do it that differs from the norm. This more manual method is done by an easy-to-use interface where you can move items from your inventory into a trading window. However, to see what other players have, and what we can use our PoE orbs on and such, we are going to be looking at PoE Trade.

How Does PoE Trade Work?

This is a hub for players to find the PoE items that they are looking for. If you have an item that is of interest to you, then use PoE trade to find it. You can then find the seller’s name for the item and click on the whisper option that appears. You will then see a piece of text that can be pasted into the in-game chat window. This will let the player know automatically that you want to purchase the item in question.

Once the player is online, you can then wait for a message back from them. Usually, they will invite you to their hideout, where you can get the trade underway. You will also need to make sure you have the right PoE currency to complete the trade.

Selling PoE Items

If you wish to sell items in PoE then you might find that it is a bit trickier than buying. You will need to part ways with your money here as well. The reason is that you are going to need to have a premium stash tab so that your items appear listed for sale. Meanwhile, you can find your stash by looking in the chest that you find in the hideout and main hub. Normally, you would just have four basic tabs available.

However, with a premium stash tab, you can rename them, have them colour coded for easy organizing, and set them to the public on the likes of This allows the PoE items to be indexed so that whenever they are searched for, they will show up for other players and they can then purchase them from you.

Speaking of stash tabs, you will also find them in the microtransaction shop. These offer you a number of different services that can benefit you. Some are able to offer certain maps, PoE items, and loot layouts that can be very useful for you to invest in. Useful tabs include the likes of the premium stash tab upgrade which we have discussed, and investing in the currency market stash tab also lets you use a special layout so that you can store different currencies and have them in a layout that is useful to you. That’s just a couple of recommendations, however, and there are others that could help you in the long run.

Now that you have premium tabs, you can right-click on them to set the colour for it. You can also set it to the public more importantly, and you will have a couple of options on what you need to do to sell the items. You can either set the tab so that all of the items sell for the same price, or you can price them individually if you wish to. The latter is recommended because the value of each Path of Exile item that you own tends to fluctuate.

Final Words

To set the price, just right-click on it then set its price when in the premium tab. Selecting how many is needed as a resource for crafting will also come into play here, as well of course how much you want players to pay. As long as you are setting a fair price, then you should have no problem attracting buyers for your listing items.

Now you know a bit more about what is required of you from PoE trading. The fact that Path of Exile uses the likes of the exalted orbs, scrolls and other forms of PoE currency can make things confusing, but it is an efficient economy to use once you have gotten your head around it.

How do you find trading in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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