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Why on-site optimization is crucial for website traffic growth?

Website optimization is one of the most important aspects of its development. This initiative’s success helps attract more website visitors and make the very site’s structure more intuitive to them. The demand for your site is highly dependent on its appearing in popular searches and topping Google’s ranking list. For this purpose, link-building is crucial for numerous users to find your website or read about it more. Besides, the website should match with popular gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, your site should be optimized to look easier, intuitive, clear, and drive your business goals through its features and tools. 

What are the crucial optimization strategies?

Website success is measured through conversation, visibility, and usability. From the conversion viewpoint, visitors should be invited to buy your product, subscribe to the newsletter, or download a guide. Accordingly, the work with page loading speed brings higher conversion. Hubspot research tells that even 1 second of delay already costs 7-10% conversion. Moreover, 79% of customers estimate service quality through the website performance over the actual product they get. As a result, it is highly crucial to make your site intuitive and minimalistic, so it would not require extensive download resources. This costs your clients time and effort already invested in your business.

On this visibility flipside, the website should be easy-to-find. Since 2017, Google carefully lists its search engine results and places them by their popularity. To succeed, you should make your site light, informative, functional, and responsive to all devices like mobile phones. The same report informs that more than 64% of users come from smartphone searches. Accordingly, the site should be mobile-friends and work to provide the best possible understanding and visibility of its products and services.

Lastly, usability brings website load time, website responsiveness, and maximizing of user requests. Apart from this point’s purely technical aspects, the successful link-building and strong customer base are highly crucial for creating a strong band. Submit a guest post technology blog and not spend high costs on them. What is more, link-building creates the possibility of efficient business partnerships with other similar sites.


Is it costly to have it all?

These three aspects mainly impact your website traffic and user’s attitudes on your product. So, is it costly to optimize your website to it’s maximum? It is not.

Some of the website optimization practices can be done by their creators. Such initiatives as blog commenting, the inclusion of social networks, activity on Instagram, and Wikipedia page are free of charge and bring awareness to the potential clients. What is more, participation in blogging communities equally benefits traffic. Marketing your product on forums might look a bit spammy, but it is still free, and you can do it yourself. The well-written content will always find its reader while search engines prioritize the best articles. Your team creates more informative and useful information, the higher chances you get to maximize your website traffic.

However, some crucial aspects of on-site optimization are not free. They are crucial for website traffic, while its making requires expertise and persistence. To avoid the most common mistakes from optimizing the website, follow some of these useful hints on how to make it better:

  1. Use a reliable server. A credible hosting service solves the speed problem on the majority of websites. What is more, it helps to optimize and protect the website from data leaks and cyberattacks. Equally, data centers should be in such countries that match your major clientele. Such tools as InterServer provide these features for a comparatively low price. You can check more information about it here and research package deals that will suit your purpose without any overspending.
  2. Install auto-responder. The feature of user’s feedback is highly crucial for maximizing your traffic. If customers visit your website, they will wish to leave a comment or their contact details to reach you. This is particularly crucial during the holiday season and improve your home office, as many people go on vacations and frequently make last-minute purchases or deals. Therefore, make sure that your site has “Contact Us” or “Leave you message” frames so you can keep in touch with your customers. You will not lose touch even if both of you already celebrate or went offline.
  3. Invite SEO expert. Some of the interlinks should have a good reputation and match your niche. Link-posting on the industry giants are costly and might fail to attract the desired traffic. In this case, you can use a website builder with SEO components or hire an SEO expert to optimize these interlinks. Even free trials of such platforms can help you to create formidable SEO tools and pre-designed templates so your site would look professional. The hiring of a professional SEO specialist further deepens interlink building as they are monitoring and replacing broken, non-credible or non-existent links. The use of the right keywords is equally crucial, as AI cannot do it by itself.
  4. Partner with online advertising companies. Thus, Google Ads maximizes the traffic for your business with advertising tools and maximizing the clicks. As numerous customers Google what to buy and where to go, Google Ads offers a wide variety of maximizing your business’ popularity. This is particularly crucial for e-commerce, as users can go to your site directly from top Google searches.


Conclusively, on-site optimization is crucial and necessary for website traffic growth. The professional, well-written, and credible content assists your ability to post, blog, and exchange information with your business partners on social platforms. Still, some of the optimizing features cannot be performed with your own hands or without a specialized IT team. If you wish to save costs for an additional hiring campaign, opt for a credible server or website builder. There, you can find SEO tools, virtual private servers, engine search results optimizing, and data centers close to your customer’s country. Overall, on-site optimization enables you to improve your website and deliver the best possible service to your customers and your own business goals.

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