Top 10 MTL Novel Sites To Read Light Novels And Web Novels Faster

With these machine translation novel sites if you don’t have time to wait, you may read your favorite online novels or light novels right now.

Also, you’ll have a chance to play around with machine translation (MTL).

Let’s have a look at several mtl book websites:

1: Babel Novel

You may read Chinese books that have been translated, as well as original novels, light novels, and more, on this website based on AI translation. All of them may be accessed either online or in print.

Why does babelnovel’s machine translation perform better than that of other websites?

  • Algorithms of this kind For online literature in 2019, the business created an AI translation system that outperforms Google under specific scenarios.
  • The chapter will be checked and corrected by a proofreader before it is published.

2: Comrade Mao

It mostly translates online novels from China, although it also translates certain machine-translated Japanese and Korean books.

If you wish to read an online book, you may submit it to the website and they’ll have it translated for you right away.

3: Web Novel

Webnovel also offers machine-translated online novels, however, they are mostly focused on female protagonists.

You should check this out if you’re a fan of online novels or light novels with a romantic theme.

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4: JPmtl

Japanese fantasy light novels and online novels may now be read for free thanks to high-quality, automated translations.

Manga is also available, as well as some machine-translated Chinese and Korean literature.

5. Machine-Translation

The novel hub provided by Machine-Translation is a place where users may access all Asian books translated by machine.


In this location, MTLed Web Novels may be found.

This is the first MTL site to include entirely automated translations of Chinese online novels.

According to other machine translation novel sites, some of the books on this site are less legible than those on other sites.

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7: MTLNovel

You may read books in English that have been machine translated. Everything you see here is a raw translation.

In case you aren’t happy with these machine translation book websites, you may also attempt machine translation yourself.

After deciding on the books to translate, seek for the raw sites of these books, and then enter them into a translation tool.

So, how do we go with the innovative raw site and the translation program?

8. Google Translate And Bing Microsoft Translator

Two translation websites aren’t worth mentioning in great detail.

9: Systran Soft


The market leader in the field of machine translation.

Can speak Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, etc. In my testing, the translation quality of Chinese books was no worse than that of Google translation.

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10Baidu Translate 

Baidu, China’s top search engine, is more fluent in Chinese than either Google or Bing.

The red box (online literature) in the above image indicates a special algorithm for online books.

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