Best LeakPeek Alternatives In 2022

LeakPeek is a user-friendly and proactive data sorting tool that helps you determine if your sensitive data, such as passwords, email addresses, domains, or other credentials, has been stolen or spread as a result of a breach. Users may acquire access to URLs and APIs to automate searches, and a brand new query can be constructed after discovering a variety of results. By just inputting your email address, password, and other information, you may register for updates and functionality on the site.

With the help of a powerful search engine, where essential numbers can be input, the desired objects can be extracted rapidly, such as a breach and other missing modules recovery. The forum generates results in milliseconds, and critical passwords might be seen by fraudulent or suspicious individuals who may use the codes to withdraw money from bank accounts or applications, so safeguard them all from a single location.

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LeakPeek Alternatives

1: Have I Been Pwned?

Is it possible that I’ve been pwned? is a sophisticated database monitoring technology that aids in the recovery of lost queries such as passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, and other sensitive information in the event of unwanted access. The module was built solely for the purpose of avoiding suspicious behaviors that might deprive the administrator of crucial information via internet access. It is a powerful tool for identifying illicit activity on the Internet, particularly when someone tries to gain unauthorized access to accounts or profiles in order to obtain sensitive information.

Hundreds of database dumps and pastes from various channels have been leaked or extracted from elsewhere, and the site collects them all. People who are concerned about the security of their data may rely on the service without fear of being hacked, and a large number of people visit the site on a regular basis to monitor data breaches.

2: DeHashed

DeHashed is a useful tool for sorting out sensitive and important information, allowing users to check for compromised credentials by searching through a large database of email addresses, passwords, clever questions, and other personal characteristics. It enables in-depth scanning throughout a website or other smart media product by successfully monitoring many digital assets in less time. The site includes a clever search engine for tracking out relevant evidence of breaches or security breaches by third-party domains.

The module has been used as a security analyst forum for a variety of people and professions, such as journalists, security firms, and regular people, to remain up to date on daily basis procedures. Users may locate minor to significant inquiries, such as I.P. Addresses, Emails, Usernames, Names, Phone Numbers, VIN Numbers, and much other public or private inputs, using strong searching methods.

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3: IntelX

IntelX is an innovative and intelligent database navigational platform that uses rapid intelligence to help you locate lost or compromised credentials such as Tor, I2P, data breaches, passwords, email addresses, IP, CIDR, and any other. Thousands of clients from all around the world have used the site, which allows them to purchase a premium package at a reasonable price and with a variety of features. It is a non-profit organization whose major goal is to protect internet users as much as possible by giving them management over their personal information.

The darknet, document sharing platforms, whois data, public records leaks, and other material are archived by the forum and are not shared with anyone else. You may establish a default sign-up to stay in contact with the program by entering your email address, name, company as an optional choice, country, and final consent on the button. The enrollment is absolutely free and handled quickly, so take advantage of the useful features and maintain the performance as a secure interaction.

4: Leak-lookup

Leak-lookup is a robust data recovery and identification unit that delivers rapid output results after validating lost credentials or sensitive information from a variety of sources, including email addresses, passwords, APIs, and more. It has an easy-to-use search engine where relevant keywords may be entered to swiftly extract the desired items while remaining up to date on the breaches.

The full capability is available for both commercial and personal usage, and organizations can utilize the services as well. Strict restrictions are in place to prevent any suspicious attacks or intrusions. A large amount of relevant data has been collected from many sources and saved as a useful record that is updated on a daily basis. As the online procedure and construction of subscriber signups have become obligatory, consumers can obtain useful information that might be derived from any social profile or website.

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5: ScatteredSecrets

ScatteredSecrets is an excellent and dependable search engine for locating leaked or sensitive credentials that have been obtained without authorization by hackers or others. Users may build a profile by simply inputting their email address, password, and other information to continue their personal engagement and registration. When suspicious actions are carried out and breaches are discovered after being leaked from other sources, users might get important notifications in the form of a popup or an alarm.

The product’s primary goal is to dramatically lower the possibility that hackers will be able to hijack or take control of user accounts. Various sorts of online publication materials may be leaked and accessed by unauthorized individuals, posing a risk to the corporate, official, or personal use. The program’s most important feature is its ability to identify individual queries that may be stolen or blocked for no apparent reason.


LEAKED. SITE is a central repository for stolen credentials and personal profile information that allows victims to search for hacked sensitive information, such as passwords and other social media accounts. When someone mistakenly or purposefully loses limited details to hackers or anybody else and then distributes the information with everyone he wants to share it with. That is the primary motivation behind the module’s development since the major goal is to eliminate cyber risks and their repercussions by including mutual collaboration.

There are databases and repositories of numerous social accounts, such as Skype, Discord, Cloudflare, phone numbers, and so on. As a company owner, you may be required to publish a specific ad with suitable premium classified interaction if you want to promote a brand product or any item. Finally, the platform can only be used for private database recovery, and a powerful cloud has been incorporated to store the various facts.

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