Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative In 2022

GeoGuessr, a popular edutainment game that was created in 2013, provides a fun method to test your geographical knowledge. Those of you who like educational games and apps are probably well aware of this. Google Maps API was once free, however, it was converted to a premium service in 2019 when Google upped its cost. Many developers have migrated to OpenStreetMap or other Google Maps rivals when Google hiked its pricing; nevertheless, GeoGuessr has remained with Google’s mapping services. However, the cost of GeoGuessr puts it out of reach for many players, so they look for GeoGuessr alternatives, such as free choices. If you’re one of these folks, you may like these 12 GeoGuessr-like games.

Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative You Can Play

This article will provide a list of the best 12 free GeoGuessr Alternative games for desktop and mobile platforms. They all test your geographic knowledge, but GeoGuessr is free and provides a free version with restricted features. And now, without further ado, here’s a list of GeoGuessr-like games.

GeoGuessr also offers a free version, however it is severely limited in terms of capability. Instead of the typical 360-degree Google Streetview, it only delivers a 2D panoramic view. In addition, the free version only provides one map, but the Pro edition has over 100,000 options.

1: MapStreetView

MapStreetView is a Google Photographs-powered website that allows users to browse Google Street View images for free. However, this website stated that it is not linked with Google in any way and that it is only leveraging Google’s mapping and image technologies to provide street view services in a new manner. Its online interface is not overburdened with features and services.

In the main area, there are two alternative search modes accessible, allowing users to search for a place using either the map on the main page or the search bar at the upper left corner. As you begin investigating, you will see comprehensive photographs of the place you specified or of what you are searching for.

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2: eMaps

eMaps is an excellent tool for exploring your city. When you visit the official website, you will have immediate access to the most essential regions of your city. You may search for your favorite cities using addresses, intersections, and even postal codes. It provides its customers with various printing methods, mapping categories, and the ability to pick pertinent information to display.

One of the finest features of eMaps is that it provides its customers with a variety of search capabilities, such as searching and locating sites of interest, looking for schools, searching for parks, searching for prominent structures, and much more. There is a complete help section for visitors’ use, letting them know all they need to know about this website. For further information, you should be aware that eMaps does not provide satellite imagery; instead, it displays simplified maps and photographs of the most relevant places.

3. Seterra

The Seterra app teaches geography while having fun. It includes quizzes about every continent and nation on the globe.

This platform will teach you more about nation capitals, cities, rivers, and lakes, among other things.

In addition to quizzes, Seterra offers a variety of geography printables, such as pdf maps of nations and towns.

Seterra has additional game modes than GeoGuessr. There are five game types in GeoGuessr: explorer mode, nation streak, pro leagues, daily challenge, and battle royale.

Seterra, on the other hand, has nine-game modes: show all, learn, multiple, choice, pin, pin hard, type, type simple, and type with auto-complete.

While playing, you may effortlessly move from one game mode to another.

Although you can construct a map using GeoGuessr’s map generator, you must alter an existing map quiz to create a custom quiz with Seterra.

Seterra, on the other hand, can be translated into 39 different languages, but GeoGuessr can only be translated into ten.

As a result, Seterra is a superior GeoGuessr alternative.

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4. PlayGeography

PlayGeography, like GeoGuessr, has a geography theme. TeachMe, a supplier of family-friendly educational games and software, offers it. It’s a great game for learning about world geography, but it lacks the 3D maps and videos that City Guesser has. Instead, you’re presented with two-dimensional maps that require you to estimate the city, state, country, and flags. It’s more of a “map quiz” game, and it’s a lot of fun. The PlayGeography app, on the other hand, is free to use and allows you to play as much as you like each day.

PlayGeography features five unique game kinds in addition to the country, location, flag, capital, and state/province. In addition, each game offers a variety of difficulty levels. You get points for responding swiftly to your inquiry, but the time is continually ticking.

PlayGeography is an excellent alternative to GeoGuessr if you want to learn about the world in a fun way.

It’s not just free, but it includes a lot more questions than GeoGuessr, plus you don’t have to join up or register to play. It’s a big hit with us since it’s a fun way to spend time with friends and family.

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5. Geotastic

Geotastic is a free GeoGuessr alternative to the previously best-crowdfunded software of its type. It’s a free, multiplayer game about geography that you may play with your friends and family. You may pick between random street views, iconic sites, and a flag guessing game among the game possibilities. There is also a game in which you must identify the correct country using clues and recommendations.

Geotastic is free to play, but you must first make an account in order to access it and begin playing. Players in single-player mode have the option of playing locally or hosting an online game in a multiplayer lobby. Only the person who creates the online lobby needs an account for the latter.

Geotastic was one of the most entertaining GeoGuessr alternatives I’ve tried. This free game may be played indefinitely, at numerous settings, and in a number of tough circumstances. Geotastic, in general, is fairly similar to GeoGuessr, except that it is fully free and unrestricted. You must donate to keep the game running, but it is donation-ware. The game’s only small flaw is that the tough level only offers 88 countries, which is more than enough for most players.

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