Easy Tech Upgrades that Make a Home Office More Efficient

77% of those who work remotely at least a few times per month show increased productivity, according to one survey by ConnectSolutions, with 30% doing more work in less time and 24% doing more in the same period of time. For those who have been working from home for the past few years or who are starting a remote job in 2023, getting the home office setup just right can be a major challenge. From how you can effectively tone down tech clutter on the desk to the value in a laptop stand and additional desk accessories, here are just three tech-forward ways you can take your home office to the next level.

Eliminating desktop tech clutter

Keeping your home office free of unnecessary clutter can seem like a straightforward task, especially when an organizational system is put into place. However, necessary clutter — such as cables and cords can not only be visually unappealing, but can take up space, too. While investing in a cord guard can be a great way to organize chargers and other cords and effectively keep them out of sight (and off your desk), investing in wireless technology can also be a game changer. For many, having a phone in the home office is a staple, though a long cord and large base can oftentimes get in the way. Cordless phones, however, make for a much simpler alternative while presenting as a major upgrade to any home office. In addition to being much smaller than a traditional home phone, cordless phones will allow you to talk from anywhere in the home — not to mention the abundance of features available today. With that in mind, cordless phone features to look for include those such as an extra loud volume boost, full duplex loudspeaker with HD sound, and integrated answering machines, to name just a few.

Other ‘necessary’ clutter such as a tablet that isn’t needed 24/7, in addition to other technology (smartphone, headphones, smart pencil, etc.) can further create a messy desk and leave you with little to no space for other aspects of work. To remedy the situation, multipurpose charging stands/docs can make for the perfect way to store and charge tech necessities while keeping them in one convenient place. To further enhance the potential for productivity, investing in a docking station with a built-in drawer will make for the perfect way to put your phone out of sight, thus allowing you to focus on what matters most.

The value in a laptop stand

For those who work with a laptop, feeling discomfort when it comes to the wrists and neck can make working from home unpleasant at best. That said, a laptop stand can make all the difference while perfecting your home office setup. By using a laptop stand, you’ll be able to easily adjust the position of the computer to make working much more comfortable. Consistent airflow is another perk of laptop stands, with the HP article highlighting the benefit of creating an air gap between the base of the laptop and the surface below it, which will help prevent overheating. As added bonuses, laptop stands further work to minimize clutter on the desk area, are portable and multifunctional — thus making it a must-have for any home office.

Increasing productivity (and comfort) via technology

When looking to optimize your home office, enhancing your comfort should be a priority, especially if you’re spending hours at a time working online. Thankfully, there are several worthy technological innovations that can do just that. For instance, a mug warmer will keep your coffee warm throughout the day, while a mini-fridge can keep cold snacks and drinks nearby, effectively allowing you to get work done (as opposed to continually running to the fridge/microwave). This can be especially beneficial when considering that a study by Joblist discovered that 70% of those polled admitted to distractions like multitasking during the workday (while 36% admitted to skipping meals). One Buzzfeed article highlights a variety of other products designed to enhance your comfort while sitting at a desk — such as a portable space heater, memory foam mouse pad/keyboard wrist pad, and an anti-fatigue comfort mat (for those who use standing desks).

With working from home having become the norm in recent years, having a home office that’s comfortable and made to be a productive workspace has become a priority for many. Thankfully, there are a variety of tech-forward ways that one can achieve a perfected home office setup, from enhancing comfort via items like a space heater or investing in a laptop stand.

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