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CRM systems are a good way to increase business efficiency and optimize teamwork. But there is one problem: it is difficult to choose. Further in the article, you will find the description of the top CRM software, and tips on how not to miscalculate with the choice of the one.

How it works

CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a program aimed to collect and analyze various data to increase business productivity. The main task of such a program is to automate the interaction between the business and the customer, as well as to optimize teamwork. It can be collecting and processing data, classifying them into databases, as well as storing information, and also analyzing a marketing strategy.

The main principle of choice is that the CRM system should be selected taking into account the specifics of your business. Of course, in case you want to simplify your work, and not add even more headaches.


It is a user-friendly system with a simple and intuitive interface. Its functionality allows you to build interaction with the customer at almost all stages of sales. The program itself forms a funnel of orders, systematizes and organizes all requests from customers, notifying you about this. And you can also create a schedule for the sales department, as well as set goals and objectives for its employees.

This means that you can work anywhere. amoCRM saves the data of each customer, so you can arrange an email and call directly from the mobile application.

Moreover, the program offers additional functionality – common employee chat, support service integration into social networks, or even a business card scanner.

At the moment, more than 15 thousand enterprises use the services of this CRM. For those wishing to test the program, there is a 14-day trial package.

Who is it for?

The system is aimed at small and medium businesses. In case your company has a small sales department that physically does not have time to process all the information, this system is perfect. In addition, amoCRM is adapted for retail trade systems. Its analytical part remembers what the customer buys most often, and this helps to create personalized advertising mailings.


The system is aimed at optimizing work within the company’s team. Its functionality resembles a corporate social network – the program forms a “live feed” of your business, where all important events flock, from the tasks of the manager to the last orders of the customer and his email messages. Employees can send each other messages in the chat, and even like posts in the feed.

All this helps to establish communication within the team. Thanks to the Bitrix24 system, employees respond quicker to various tasks and customer’s questions. In general, now it is not necessary to run around the office in a panic to collect and exchange information – Bitrix will do it for you. There is a mobile version, and this is also a plus.

Who is it for?

Best suited for companies with many telecommuters. Another bonus is that the program is free for businesses with a team of less than 12 people. Therefore, it is a great choice for small IT companies and startups. You can also use it as real estate CRM software.

And there is also an interface in Ukrainian – this is definitely a #win.


The American company Salesforce is considered a well-deserved leader in the field of CRM systems. It has the largest market share of over 14%.

The main advantage is taking into account the industry specifics of the customer. There is also a handy set of analytical tools. This allows you to track target customers’ traffic and analyze your sales performance.

In addition, the system is able to evaluate the marketing strategy of the business, and then give some advice on how to improve it. In general, the entrepreneur gets full control over the work cycle – from getting leads to sales statistics.

Who is it for?

It is a universal CRM that suits everyone. Nevertheless, someone may be uncomfortable with the lack of Russian-language and Ukrainian-language interfaces.


The program has all the necessary tools to improve the efficiency of the business. But, unlike most other CRM systems, it is focused more on the business owner. The program itself is able to process information about customer interaction, and on the basis of this, it generates statistical reports on sales. Zoho tracks customer activity and monitors traffic sources on the site.

Based on this data, the company’s management can draw up a work plan for the entire team. All the necessary information about business activity is collected in one place. This saves time.

Who is it for?

More suitable for management and business owners. It is said to significantly increase the return on investment of a business by organizing its work.


It is a platform that facilitates access to a variety of information in a one-stop-shop. The system automatically maintains accounting, records all transactions, and monitors the status of accounts. This allows making forecasts based on the analytics provided by the system.

One of the most important features of FreshOffice is the inventory management of a business. The software automates the movement of goods through the warehouse / among warehouses, allowing you to quickly find and track the right box. In addition, the entire document flow is integrated into a single system, so now it is not necessary to rummage through the stacks of papers and invoices.

This CRM system has a convenient online marketing module that monitors the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by tracking the sources of incoming traffic. In the long term, this can make the marketing strategy of the business more effective.

Who is it for?

Suitable for businesses of various specifics – from wholesalers to small businesses experiencing difficulties with workflow management. The system has a separate offer for online store owners, where you can find improved tools for online trading.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, when it comes to increasing efficiency, you can’t hesitate. If a program can save not only time but also human resources, then why not?

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