Best React Redux Templates That You Can Go For In 2021

Have you been searching for the best React Templates? Well, here we have the collection of top React Redux templates that you can go for in the year 2021. The selection of the best template is a vital task. This will be affecting the user experience as well as project quality that you can’t just neglect. In case you are confused about what exactly will be the right choice for you, this post can be very helpful.

React admin templates provide the best features needed for any professional app development. So we have for you some free as well as premium ones that can assist in enhancing your project this year. In case you are going to develop a new project or website, then this list will assist you in getting the best React templates available. All of these that we mentioned on the list are highly responsive, have elegant designs, and customizable.

Now let’s begin with the top React Admin Templates:

1. Vuexy:

Vuexy React remains the most customizable and developer-friendly React template. This has been based on Redux, Reactstrap BS4, and Create React App. This is a clean, modern, and beautifully crafted admin theme. It also works over varied workable applications like Chat, e-Commerce, Todo. You also get some advanced cards for Analytics, e-commerce, Weather, Statistics, Maps, Charts, and interactive. The wonderful template will provide you with over 100 pages that include a Knowledge base, Profile, Authentication, and Search.

2. Centric:

Centric is another admin template that you can use for having an application that has a clean interface. Besides, it is also based on the popular Bootstrap framework that’s the most famous front-end technology. All of the components that get included with this dashboard template have also been developed for bringing all of the Bootstrap potential and the new features (CSS and JS) that will be ideal for the next dashboard theme or the web application projects.

3. Apex:

Apex is one of the trending admin templates right now! This is also a developer-friendly Redux template that’s based on BS4, Redux, and Create React app. Apex had been crafted as per the best industrial standards and makes for making the template easy, highly scalable, and fast for working with. Besides, it also remains one of the most convenient admin templates for developers.

The reason for this is that it has been made with clean code, React components, and is fully documented as well. This makes sure that you are building high quality, eye-catching, high performance, and responsive applications. Ideally, the admin template also has colorful and modern elements that are also ideal for any of the applications that you are using it with.

4. React Reduction:

Now, React Reduction is also worth the evaluation if you are looking for a free option and can be used for the app dashboard. This template has been built with Bootstrap 4 and React. It offers a professional, clean, and sleek design. Besides, there are also several components, charts, widgets, cards, pages and so much more with instant functions.

Furthermore, the free React Template has been made over the create React Apps, therefore you get all of the wonderful features the tool provides. React Reduction remains great for any kind of application that you can make use of. There is also the integration of Google Analytics here.

5. Crystal:

Crystal React is a multi-purpose, beautiful, Bootstrap dashboard. Also, there are several easy and simple to use React components. You will be able to use this specific dashboard for building any kind of dashboards like company, employees, and health dashboard.

6. Ant:

This is again a free template that has been made using Ant design and also UmiJS. There are some strong internalization features and extracting fields from dynamic permission, source code, mocked data, and beautiful design systems.


Finding the best looking dashboard can be difficult, right? Hopefully, this list will be making your work easier for deciding the one that fits your requirements. All of the ones added here consist of the fresh templates both premium and free that are sure to remain a trend in the year 2021 among developers.


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