What Are the Benefits of Speech Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting speech in audio into written text. It is an excellent option to make audio-only programs such as podcasts and radio programs more accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.

Public speaking and transcription are a time-saving combination made in heaven. Converting your recorded audio or video into full text with accurate voice transcription is the best way to get a word-by-word report of:

  • Academic speeches
  • Conference speeches
  • Multispeaker events
  • Graduation speeches

Why Do You Need to Transcribe Speeches?

Speech transcription is a valuable time- and money-saving tool for businesses, researchers, students, law firms, and many other types of organizations. Replaying speeches to gather vital information from them is just not a feasible thing to do. Having a document to read through and highlight is undoubtedly a more innovative way to analyze a speech.

As organizations look to spread their reach, speeches are a big part of the program. A transcript of a speech is valuable and will continue to be long after the event is over. A good transcription service can make this available for your company fast and at affordable rates without the hassle of having to employ an in-house transcriptionist. Read on for a few benefits of transcribing speeches.


A good speech transcript is a vital tool in making the content of your business conferences accessible to all your clients and prospects. If you host video recordings of meetings on your website, make sure that the content is accessible to everyone, including the deaf.

Increased Profits

Having your keynotes recorded and transcribed by an experienced language service provider can increase your return on investment. Organic prospects from near and far can access transcripts and video recordings of your sessions, so you not only benefit from the authority of your speakers, but your global business.

Document Preservation

Every business, big or small, has files to keep for reference. These documents contain critical information for various business activities. Reputable transcription service providers can deliver concise, clear, and coherent files for conference calls, meetings, presentations, and more, in either non-verbatim or verbatim formats, with fast turnaround times.

Time Savings

Playing speeches, interviews, business meetings, or other recorded events wastes dozens of hours that anyone could otherwise spend on more critical tasks. Effectively shorten the time needed to grasp the context and knowledge in speeches by having them transcribed by professionals.

Help Employees Refocus

Startups and SMEs, in particular, may already have sufficient constraints on their resources. Creative power is one of the things they sorely need. Reducing the amount of time it usually takes to watch speeches and training videos allows people to focus on more productive activities, focusing on their core tasks and overall business goals. In other words, getting rid of tedious tasks can help you focus your time on more creative thinking, creating a much happier work environment in the long run.

Save Your Time and Money by Getting a Good Transcription Service

Anyone can grab a laptop, a piece of paper, and a pen and jot down as many details and topic points as possible from a speech, but doing it yourself has some very obvious drawbacks. The main thing is accuracy. Since you aren’t a professional, you might miss important statements and words that will result in an incomplete speech transcript.

In addition, transcription is a very menial and time-consuming job. Your time will serve you better spent on other duties. You’ll require speedy typing, special transcribing equipment, proper noise-canceling headphones, and more.

Transcription needs usually change from quarter to quarter, so there’s no need to engage a full-time in-house transcription service whether you have a large order or need one-time assistance. Transcription providers make it easy to send files for conversion only when you need them, at any scale, and without long-term commitments. In addition, many offer add-on functionality like translations into different languages. Translation will help you expand your brand’s reach even more.

To conclude, some speeches will have industrial jargon and require specific knowledge to transcribe. If you hire in-house or a freelancer, chances are the transcriber has little to no real-world experience in your field. It’s better to have a pool of thousands of transcribers experienced in a myriad of areas.

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