Raw Anime Download From The 7 Websites

Most anime series and films that can be streamed or downloaded on the Internet are either subtitled or dubbed, however, some individuals are seeking some raw video without any change, for certain purposes, to be able to watch or download. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of seven websites where you can find and download raw anime movies.

As a general rule, “raw anime” refers to Japanese television shows that have not been edited. When editing, a raw version is always high-quality and bigger in file size, with more information kept and no addition or deletion. However, in most circumstances, “raw anime” refers to an anime that hasn’t been subtitled or dubbed, which is what we’re referring to here.

Dubbed and subtitled anime is now available on all major anime streaming services, which cater to consumers in various nations and regions. Though services like Crunchyroll and Funimation allow you to switch on/off subtitles for certain anime, it is still hard to get a raw one from them, which also partially applies to these prominent free streaming websites like 9anime.

Using torrents is the most efficient method of obtaining a raw copy of an anime series you want to watch. There are several torrent sites that provide raw anime and MKV anime episodes with soft subtitles that can be easily deactivated. So, here are seven of the most popular torrent sites.

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Raw Anime Download From The 7 Websites

1: Nyaa

Manga fans may find anything from big-name series to obscure titles, classic series to new releases of 2021 in a variety of genres at Nyaa. Nyaa has over one million visitors each day as one of the biggest anime torrent indexes in the world. Additionally, fresh torrents are being added on a regular basis. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll always find it here.

Even more essential is the user-friendly categorization of torrents on Nyaa, which includes a separate category for anime-raw torrents under which all accessible torrents are classified depending on their update dates.

Another offshoot, nyaa.net, exists in addition to the main nyaa.si site. As a fallback, you may rely on it.

One of the BitTorrent sites is NyaA. To download RAW anime with a Nyaa torrent file, you may use the BitTorrent software of your choice. In addition, we’ve put up a comprehensive tutorial: how to download a torrent file.

2: Anime-Raws.tumblr

As a result of searching for raw anime on your browser, you should be sent to anime-raws.tumblr.com You may download raw anime from this Tumblr page, which has a big list of direct raw anime downloads. Despite the fact that this site isn’t well recognized among anime lovers, it has a lot of useful materials and is updated often.

You may see the whole list at this link:


You must use the keyboard keys Ctrl+F or +F and input the anime title in the Finder box to locate particular anime from the list. Try English names if you have no luck with the Japanese Romaji of an anime.


3: Anime-Raws

It’s the finest place to get free raw Anime episodes for AMV and GIF makers. There is a vast list of popular anime movies and series on this page. Anime series episodes may be downloaded without registering. Even though this site isn’t well recognized among Anime enthusiasts, it has a lot of useful information and updates often. Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+F or +F must be used in order to locate what you’re searching for from the list of Anime. The English name of an Anime may be searched for if the Japanese Romaji fails. Even if you can’t download it, you can play it and capture some bits using MiniTool Screen Recorder.

4: Tokyo Toshokan

It’s via Tokyo Toshokan that Nyaa has access to the Japanese press. In the raw media file area, you may easily go to the chosen Anime series using just the text menus. To improve your search results, you may complete an anime theme. Tokyo Toshokan’s raw Anime selection is less than Nyaa’s, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere, you can always try your luck here.

5: Erai-raws

Originally, Erai-raws only released raw Anime, but it has now expanded its distribution to include more subtitled Anime. A well-designed and easy-to-use interface is provided by Erai-raws. It’s not only that it has a lot of high-quality material, though. To download raw anime from Erai-raws, the user may utilize the DDL (Direct Download) method, torrents, magnetic links, or the DDL method. You may also sign up for an account on the website and download live Anime videos straight from the site. It’s as simple as clicking on the 480p, 710P, or 1080P option and selecting a magnet or torrent.

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6: Anime Torrent

An Anime Torrent is a site where you can get Anime torrents. Action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and more may all be found here. The most popular Anime are all shown on the main screen, and you can simply see which ones have been updated. Manga and comics are also available as torrents, in addition to anime. There is no raw anime section, although most Anime videos have been subtitled. However, there are still certain Anime videos that do not have subtitles available on the internet.

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