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The 5 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies you can use even after almost three decades. Many other digital marketing strategies come and go but email continues to provide solid results. That is if you do it right. When done correctly, email is still very powerful as a tool since you have almost complete control over your list. 

The other thing is that the list is composed of people who are asking to stay in contact with your brand. They want to be marketed to you as long as you do things right. Unfortunately, many email marketers get things wrong and commit cardinal mistakes that derail their efforts. Many of these mistakes are quite common so knowing about them ahead of time can help you avoid making the same ones. 

In this article, we will go over several of those mistakes that you have to make sure to avoid if you want to have an effective email marketing campaign

1 – Trying too hard to sell

The people that have handed over their emails do want to be marketed to, that’s true. However, they don’t want to feel as though they are walking wallets or an ATM that you can turn to when you need to raise some cash. They want some value from you and in return, they will likely want to buy your product or service. 

The key is to provide that value in your email sequence in which a way that you only do promotional emails once in a while. Ask any agency such as the digital marketing Fort Lauderdale agency, and they will tell you that you should send out four to five emails that are helpful and have no promotional angle to them. Then on the fifth or sixth email, you can send one that asks them to make a purchase or lets them know about a sale or promotion. 

Share some tips that your audience will appreciate that are helpful to their situation and is the type of content that they expect from you. This way they trust you and will want more of what you have to offer. Many will gladly pay you for your product as they will understand how it can help them based on the content you have been providing. 

2 – Unclear calls to action

Make sure that the receiver of your emails is able to understand what step to take next. If your email that particular week is merely helpful content then tell them what to expect in the next email so they are more likely to click on it when it arrives. If you want them to check out your Instagram page, then make that clear with specific language. Or, if it is time for them to make a purchase because there is a time limit for a certain price, for example, then they should understand that right away.

The mistake that many marketers make is that they don’t use concise language for the call to action. You should also only have one call to action per email. If you have too many then the recipient is likely to do nothing. 

3 – Sending an email without a reason

Your email sequence should have a certain theme and should be something that is relevant to your brand. If you send emails for their own sake without any real reason, then this is going to result in many people unsubscribing. The idea is to have a certain number of helpful emails that you send before the last one that is promotional. For example, if you want to have five emails before sending the promotional one, then they should all tie into each other with a particular theme that is consistent. 

If you are a pest control company, then send out a sequence of the five most common pests and how to get rid of them. Each one is about a particular pest and the way to deal with them with a new one each week. This keeps the recipient interested and they know what to expect for that sequence. If you were to send a completely unrelated email one after another that doesn’t provide any value or consistency then this will hurt your open rates. 

4 – Poor subject lines

People need to have a reason to open your email. If your subject line is vague or not relevant then you’re just clogging up their inbox and they will surely unsubscribe at a certain point. 

Long subject lines that get cut off after a certain amount of characters will lead to a low open rate. It won’t be clear to the recipient what the mail is about. Also, if your subject lines use language that isn’t matched to the type of content they won’t work. This means that if your brand and content are meant for professionals, then the tone should be professional and not lighthearted. The reverse is also true. 

Make sure to use the relevant tone for your subject lines. They should also be concise and to the point, so it is immediately clear what the email is about, or worded in such a way that the recipient is curious to figure out what it means and will open the email. 

5 – Sending emails at the wrong time 

There is a right time and a wrong time to send emails if you want a high open-rate. There are many experts who will point you to the best time to send an email, but the reality is there are too many variables to give a specific time that you should be sending emails. 

It’s up to your audience as to what the best time is for them to be getting your emails. Unfortunately, they won’t actually tell you so you have to find out for yourself. Do some testing to see what time of day you get the best open rates. Then just send your emails at that time. It may take a few months of testing, but eventually, you will understand if the time works or not.

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