What Will The Internet Look Like In 2022?

It’s the year 2022. We have been living with the pandemic for two years now, and the internet has emerged as the most essential tool that kept the world on its feet. Had it not been for this novel virus hitting us, we probably would never have realized our dependence on the internet, as much as we do today. With the ever-changing internet technology, it does get interesting thinking about what’s to come next. 

As the importance of the internet has only grown, the internet providers have also kept up with the changing consumer demands and trends. Customer services are the most important of these all. As the world went to remote working, the concerns only got bigger and required immediate responses as well. The internet service providers increased the number of channels that their users could use to reach them out. Mediacom customer service, for instance, offers several options such as phone numbers, live chats, and even instant payment methods to its users so that they have a hassle-free experience and any of their concerns are taken care of instantly. 

With exceptional providers as such, we are sure that the internet connections in our homes will stay uninterrupted, but what about what is on the internet. What will the internet look like in 2022? Let’s find out what you can expect from this year in the world of the internet. 

Web 3.0 expands the concept of ‘community’ to include community control and management of the entire internet. Many elements of Web 3.0 may already be seen all around us. Some of the most common elements of it nowadays are cloud technology and artificial intelligence. So, from the dominance of cloud technology trends to the low-code application building software, it will be phenomenal. 

As the internet’s very shape transforms with the arrival of Web 3.0, one thing is certain that if the businesses want to keep their competitive edge, they must respond positively to this change and utilize the latest technological breakthroughs. 

  • Increased Connectivity

As per the Visual Networking Index by Cisco in 2018, 4.8 billion people around the world are expected to be connected to the internet by the year 2022. That makes up 60% of the world population. The expansion of M2M (Machine to machine) connections will be by far the most important driving force in this rise. As we today see the use of connected autos, smart home devices, Internet of Things devices in the workplaces, health wearables and trackers, and even all the connected utilities and equipment that make up the smart cities are among them. 

  • 5G Technology

5G networks cover a rather expansive area, as compared to a 4G network. It provides high internet speeds and even allows the user to download heavy files, that too without any interruptions. It is expected that the 5G will be joining the market for common use in the year 2022, and will be garnering a good reputation in mobile broadband connectivity. 

  • Internet Outages

Even the internet has proved valuable to us during the time of the lockdown, but we have also witnessed more network outages than ever. Internet outages might get a little worse before they finally settle. As the reliance on the internet only grew, this issue came into existence more than it ever had in the times prior. These internet services, especially the residential ones, are designed to only handle peaks in the activity at some specified times of the day. These times such as the evenings when families return from home, either from work or schools, so when the remote working and online schooling took constant bandwidths, this only causes collapse. As it is the third year we are entering with the pandemic still at our throats but the conditions getting better, we hope the same for the internet. 

Wrapping Up

The Internet has become a commodity now and one thing is certain; there is no going back now. The aforementioned is what we expect of the internet in the year 2022 and what it will look like. The world of the internet has many possibilities, let’s see what more is to come. 

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