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What Is Software Development: Definition, Processes and Types

Being able to create software and being a pro at it is a great privilege in the field of new technologies.  creating new software is always an important and responsible process, which includes a large number of techniques and steps. Regardless of which concept you follow, in any case, you need to test the product that you create. Also, even before the start of everything, one must not forget about planning (it is behind successful and rational planning that there is a great share of success!). In general, there are a considerable number of points and subtleties that every developer should know about!  This article will introduce you to everything you need.

Let’s summarize in one term the concept of software development.  This is the process that IT people perform in order to create new programs for the computer.  That is, developers are essentially engaged in one of the most important occupations in the computer world. They assign tasks to computers to carry out the commands of users. 

At its core, software and its development is a life cycle.  SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) originates simply from the thought that it is needed.  Even then, this chain begins to exist.

Sequence of Software Creation

As you already understood, there is a certain cycle and it has certain sequential steps.  There are actually  five of these leading stages.


After the idea has come to create, the preparation process begins, the foundation is laid, or, in other words, the requirements are analyzed.  This is where a team of analysts comes into play, to a large extent, since it is very important to study the market accurately in the first place.  You need to understand what is most relevant in the current realities and what customers want to see from the software. During this first and preparatory stage, the team spends a lot of time in contact with each other, providing information and discussing all the pros and cons of the product that will be created.  The actual creation will begin when every parameter is perfectly polished and everyone says for sure that this product will be a huge success!


Further on the plan is the above-mentioned planning.  When the team begins to understand the need for the existence of the project and its future success is guaranteed, then it is worth detailing the next steps.  when the creation process begins, then randomness should be absent because it will complicate the work.

Also at this stage, the budget is calculated, tools and methods are determined, and employees are distributed.  


Finally It comes to the long-awaited realization.  That is, everything that was planned begins to take effect and step by step the project is being built up.


And so we come to the end of creation (but not to the end of the cycle).  Here comes the next stage where you need to make sure that everything is perfect, as well as eliminate possible errors or problems. Testing is often slow because bugs can be found and fixing them takes time.

Product Operation

Congratulations, your baby is born and now it’s time to see the world!  The time has finally come to bring the creation to the market. 

There is also a sixth stage of cycle.  It means marketing promotion.  Like any other product, even software needs advertising and promotion.

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We invite you to explore the varieties of software!  This is very helpful and important to know. 

Application Software

This refers to a public application that people need to perform various tasks on their gadgets.  For example, we are talking about antiviruses, as well as photo editors.


system software also has its second name, which is more understandable and it is the operating system.  This term already applies to your computers.  The operating system is used by the device to translate commands into a language that computers can understand.

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