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The Best Features You Should Know About Host Nine TechWaver

HostNine has offered superior web hosting services since 2006. What sets it apart from the rest of the web hosting companies, is that they try to host a site on enterprise-quality hardware through different global centers. It includes Softaculous Installer, which provides several efficient services ideal for webmasters at any skill level.

Ease of Use Features

HostNine provides a wide range of features on different enterprise-quality servers, including tier-one bandwidth providers. They are very reputable. In fact,  MangoMatter wrote about them in one of their posts and offered glowing reviews. All HostNine plans offer these features:

  • The Unlimited Storage
  • The Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Softaculous Installer or The One-click Installation
  • The cPanel Access

On the other hand, if you are trying to find a provider that provides advanced features, Host Nine will fit the bill for you and offer these value-added features:

  • The Support Cron Jobs
  • The Supports PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl 5
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Mailing Lists Supports
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Advanced Backup Protection

The best thing about HostNine is that they can pick your data centers for Enterprise and Business plans. Some hosting providers don’t have it. You can choose a data center from one to six countries. It allows you to host your site closer to your target market.

Pricing and Support

No matter what services you need, you will find it with Host Nine dedicated hosting. Below is an overview of their hosting plans.

  • Personal plan – Price starts at $7.69 every month. It can support one domain name, and the server will be located in the United States.
  • Business plan – Price starts at $12.20 every month. It can support unlimited domain names and comes with a free domain name. Also, you can choose the country of your hosting servers.
  • Enterprise plan – Price starts at $16.49 every month. It can support unlimited domains with one free domain name. You can also choose the server’s location.

Host Nine Hosting Advantages

User-Friendly Sign-up and Registration Process

Many web hosting companies these days are difficult to use and outdated. It’s not appealing at all, especially with their navigation. Good thing HostNine is a contemporary site that has precise attention on details and organizes hierarchy to make the user’s life simple as it could.

Options On Different Datacenters

HostNine has different data centers located in 6 countries, including the USA, Singapore, UK, Australia, Amsterdam, and Canada.

No Fees On Website Migration

Website migration is free with Host Nine and applies to all customers, including the new ones. They only have to make sure that the previous host they are using provides cPanel access. Moving your site is free of charge, which makes Host Nine an excellent fit for all webmasters.

No Price Increase On Renewals

If you want to renew your services with Host Nine, no need for you to pay a higher price because they still offer it the same amount the first day you sign up. Unlike other hosting companies, the price hikes a few dollars every month.

45 Day Money-Back Guarantee

HostNine provides a 45 day refund. They understand that they can’t please everyone, and if you’re unhappy with their service, you can take back your money. However, if you’ll ask for a refund a year after you sign up into a 3-year old deal, the refund will be under a prorated value. That’s already a good deal, unlike other web hosting companies that do not cover a full refund at all.

Efficient Customer Support

There are instances that you would like someone to help you navigate your hosting site, and that’s when customer service is useful. HostNine has excellent customer support. They offer 24/7 phone support and live chat.

You have two options to reach out to them whenever needed. They can respond to your queries, not less than 30 seconds. Though some of their support is not native English speaking, their agents have no issues understanding your issues and can still communicate well.

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