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Top SEO Metrics To Track Your Site’s Performance

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the key factors for visibility among internet users. With proper SEO strategies, any business can get more audience, a better search position in SERP, and more links.

But, SEO strategies may start to yield different results with time. Moreover, other sites have different responses to a different approach. So, always make a note to g track the site performance from time to time. You can connect to Pearl Lemon, a reputed SEO Agency Brightonfor SEO metrics and SEO audit.

Here are some practical ways to track the performance of a website.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is among the most effective ways to check the performance of a website. It is an important SEO metric that helps you check the number of visitors from organic sources for over a month or a stipulated period.

The organic visitor volume provides critical insights into keyword performance, search volume, and overall ranking.

You can easily track the Organic traffic volume from “Google Analytics.” The dashboard of your website has a section named “Add Segment.” In this tab, you will find a section “Audience Overview.” In this section, you can find a checkbox of “Organic Traffic.” Here you will get a graphical representation of the organic traffic volume over a month.

Domain Rating

The domain is also an essential aspect of SEO metrics and performance. Domain rating helps to get a close view of the SEO strength of your website. The overall score of the Domain Authority or Domain Rating depends on multiple factors like backlink volume, referring domain quality, keyword placement, indexing, etc.

If you have an excellent Domain Rating, your google Ranking will be better, and your site will gain a better position among the search pages.

In general, the maximum score is 100. Therefore, a good site should have a minimum score of 80. The sites with higher scores often get the leading positions in the first few search pages.

Keyword Rankings

Keywords are still a big part of SEO. Even though modern keywords have changed their form, their importance remains immense in SEO and SERP. Google now uses a new AI-based algorithm, offering internet users more personalized results based on teeth keywords.

You can opt for Google Analytics to track the keyword performance. There are also different trackers available that can help you check the present performance of your chosen keywords on the web.

SEO experts recommend bolstering your on-page SEO effort with an off-page link-building campaign. Optimize your content for the keywords you wish to prioritize, then build backlinks to your content to boost your authority on the topics that matter most. Employ diverse anchor text to maintain a natural backlink profile and increase your position in Google’s search results.

Text Readability SEO Metrics

Content is also an essential factor that determines the score and performance of your website. Without relevant, informative content, every other SEO strategy may fail to give your site the needed visibility.

Internet users love information, easy and fluent content that is easy for their eyes and takes less time to read. In this case, the text readability matters the most. Contest with short sentences are best,

Besides, you can also opt for shorter paragraphs and sections with even distribution. There are also many online tools available that help you to determine the readability score of content. Finally, you can contact any local seo agency london for some guidance.


SEO metrics are important aspects that help to evaluate the performance of any website and the SEO strategies. With proper evaluation, your site can gain better visibility and traffic.

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