How Do I Organize My Roofing Business?

Keeping track of your leads, progress, and contract pipeline may be difficult for a growing roofing firm. From monitoring new leads to billing customers, data may quickly be lost or misinterpreted. Using a paper trail or several apps may be untidy and ultimately costly.

A CRM, or customer relationship management software, may assist roofing contractors to streamline business processes by putting them online. Using software like Field Complete, roofers can view their full pipeline, from unassigned leads to completed invoices. Managing your roofing company is easier, more organized, and more understandable.


Visualizing your sales funnel is a handy approach to assess the condition of your roofing company. A dashboard pipeline displays leads and prospects, as well as authorized, finished, and build projects, so you can quickly see errors. With a digital platform that allows for search and filtering, accessing particular consumer information is quick and easy.

The pipeline may also minimize clutter. Eliminating all papers reduces the risk of misplacing or losing crucial papers that must be returned to the office. With an app or digital platform, you never have to worry about coffee on your contracts in the back of the truck. With digital records, your sales force can update contacts in the field, update the system in the office and keep everyone on the same page.

Know Your Money

You presumably wish to be paid quickly after finishing your task. Waiting for receivables or commission checks is a hassle for both owners and office employees. Getting paid as soon as possible is essential to a successful roofing company. But knowing WHERE that money is and HOW LONG it has been overdue is crucial. It’s easy now that the Field has Accounts Receivable.

Invoicing completed work should never be “set it and forget it”. You always know how much money is overdue, tied up in material orders, or what an individual’s commission is that month. Sorting tools enable you to compare month to month or week to week – as wide or as detailed as you need.

Decisions Based on Data

While a firm may be very personal to you, it is critical that you make data-driven decisions on its health. Proactive decision-making will lead to more leads and a greater closure rate for your roofing firm.

Using Smart Assign features might help you stay objective in your sales process. You or an office employee’s data must be allocated to a sales rep. Previously, you may have allocated leads to random sales staff based on a basic guess or whomever “calls it first.” With Smart Assign, you can track each salesperson’s performance based on distance, closing rate, and task value. By allocating fresh leads to sales staff based on expertise, you may improve performance and speed up project completion.

Prioritize Your Tasks

With software like Field Complete, you may prioritize jobs so that important tasks are finished first, rather than in the order they arrive. If Nancy’s roof has a massive hole and water is flowing into her kitchen, you should definitely fix it before Andrew’s. Prioritizing your tasks based on necessity and urgency can help you do the most critical tasks first.

Without fast access to notes or material orders, a normal file cabinet or shared calendar may not be able to monitor these critical duties. A sophisticated labeling system isn’t nearly as valuable as software that can provide information in seconds. Preventing Nancy’s kitchen from becoming an indoor pool would provide her more peace of mind, while simultaneously ensuring that Andrew’s new shingles are replaced promptly.

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