Keeping Up with Advanced Fake ID Cards

Any business owner who deals with age-restricted products such as tobacco or alcohol understands the importance of complying with the rules of proper identification of customers. Failure to comply with these rules can result in payment of hefty fines as well as a backlash from the regulating agencies as well as the local community. To avoid penalties and suspension from the business, it is best to adopt a defense against offenders- that is, implementing stringent policies for ID checking.

Evolution of Fake IDs

In the last 15 years, safety regulations and protocols have advanced, and along with them the industry of fake ID also improved. Fake IDs today have become so believable that they can bypass both visual as well as technological verifications. These IDs look so real that they can very well be called real fake IDs.

Another reason for the continuous improvements in fake IDs is the commitment of these sellers. Some sellers of fake IDs make a deal with the customer. The deal being- if the fake ID is caught, they can tell the supplier the reason for the same. By doing this, the customer shall get the next fake ID free of any cost. Collecting this real-world intel allows the fake ID suppliers to stay ahead of most ID check technologies at all times.

Fake IDs Versus Visual Inspections

The challenges in spotting a fake ID are plenty. However, the biggest challenge while inspecting an ID visually is the diversity of Identification cards. Firstly, there are various classifications of state IDs, these include different licenses such as standard driver’s license, commercial driver’s license, etc. There are around 600 credible designs of state IDs in the U.S. that makes it even more difficult for the checker to verify the identity of the customer.

Fake ID Versus Technology

A majority of businesses believe that adding the basic barcode or magstripe scans to their regulatory protocol will solve the problem. However, these technologies have been around the market for a long time, and have been cracked. There are several fake ID sellers online that provide high-tech fake IDs. Using these IDs will prove basic technology such as barcodes futile.

How Can Entrepreneurs Fight Back?

Businesses are vulnerable to fraudulent IDs if left solely at the mercy of visual inspections and barcode scans. While there are no sure shot ways to ensure detection of every fake ID, some ways for businesses to better protect themselves from fake IDs are:

  • Layered ID Checks

Layered ID checks that cross-check the data from all fields on the ID card, would ensure an overall investigation, bettering the chances to detect a fake ID. This means comparing the information on the card with the readable data from the magstripe and barcodes to ensure all the information aligns. The more securable scanners these days use multiple light sources to confirm the presence of security features available.

  • Appropriate Staff Training

There has been an abundance of cases where the staff allows an underage person to enter the premises even when they don’t have valid ID proof. Your staff is your responsibility, and any malpractices from their side would tarnish your business’ reputation along with impositions from authority bodies. For this reason, appropriate staff training has to be done to ensure compliance with ID policies.

  • Demanding Alternative Form of Identification

A basic yet effective way to fend off people carrying fake IDs is to simply ask the patron for an alternative form of identification. Usually, this would be enough to scare them off. In cases such as bars near colleges, it will spread the word about the stringent policies of the establishment around.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you have any reasons not to believe in the credibility of the ID card of a patron, you should never hesitate to ask questions. The majority of times, the names and information used on fake IDs are fictitious. Asking them questions about their ID cards is a good measure. If they hesitate or get the answers wrong, refuse your services.

Final Words

Fake IDs have become more sophisticated with time. But with a myriad of measures, you can detect fake IDs and help your business avoid any backlashes. Doing your research and keeping up with advancements in fake ID and fake ID protection is a must. Consulting the expertise of professionals working in the field of security is also a worthy measure to educate and train the staff as well as yourself.

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