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Hi everyone! Apparently, every developer dreams of a high-paying job in a prestigious company where he can fully realize their skills and, accordingly, themselves. In addition, JavaScript developers are in high demand in the hiring market. Therefore, this article outlines the future of AngularJS, the responsibilities of the developer and how to score a job in AngularJS. Of course, pros of hiring will also be here. Read on and find out something useful!

The first thing I would like to draw attention to is the number of vacancies. Time is the most valuable resource, you can learn frameworks just without stopping, but what good will it be if there are no vacancies and, in general, there will be no work on them. But this is definitely not about Angular. According to statistics, AngularJS has at least 70 thousand job searches on the most popular bulletin board! Almost 60% of developers are completely satisfied with Angular and they will continue to work with it. By the number of vacancies, by salaries in JavaScript development companies, everything is approximately at the same level. It all depends on which company you get into and what projects you will work with. But as you gain experience, you can always get a job in another one. 

AngularJS developer, like Angular itself, has a great future. What does this indicate? Here are some proofs that this technology will have a bright future:

  • it has tremendous growth since its inception;
  • has undergone significant changes between version 1.x to 2.0;
  • AngularJS is the most widely used JavaScript framework compared to Ember.js and jQuery;
  • its MVC framework has now been a stable client side MVC framework;
  • it significantly reduces the server burden;
  • AngularJS has the largest community for developers.

What is the process of getting hired? Every development company is looking for passionate programmers. You should have a little bit knowledge of how the project works and how to work with the team as well. The most important thing is that it’s a full-time job, so you should be available for hiring. The companies will always prefer candidates who are:

  • develop user interfaces (UI) for modern rich Internet application with the latest front-end technologies;
  • experience of developing web pages using HTML, CSS;
  • coordinate and work with back-end developers; you should understand some of the back-end technologies to efficiently design applications;
  • write tested and documented JavaScript, HTML and CSS;
  • complete client side service implementations;
  • have a basic knowledge of implement a complete user interface in the form of a mobile and desktop web applications;
  • design HTML templates using AngularJS.

Above I described an AngularJS job, which is inherent in almost every development company, and now you have a question: how to get such a job? First, you have to understand the job description and its responsibilities. For example, when reading any advertisement with a hired developer, the employer indicates the requirements, what can be your advantage and of course the responsibilities. Experience is almost always one of the main requirements, but there are others that cannot be turned a blind eye: spoken and written English at intermediate level and above, designing agile architecture and implementing reliable solutions, understanding how to find a balance between quality and performance, passion for clean code (standardjs, eslint, flow). What will be your advantage? Higher technical education; knowledge of testing basics and tools; ability to write technical documentation; knowledge in development with React and Vue also. If we talk about responsibilities, they are usually as written above, but we can add more participation in the implementation, maintenance and improvement of existing products; participation in technical discussions with the development team; code review, test writing. Thank God, the employer always indicates not only what is required of you, but also what he or she offers. That is, participation in work on promising international projects; competitive salary; flexible schedule and the ability to distance working; the highest standard of development; professional team. Such promises fascinate every developer and he or she is ready to fulfill all the conditions of employment. Usually hiring consists of 2 stages: a small test task and an interview. There are some focused areas in AngularJS by interviewing: creating custom directives, Angular concepts, routing, REST exposure, creating custom services, working with different controllers. I advise you to make sure you know this information for a successful interview.

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So, being hired by an AngularJS development company has many advantages, although there are difficulties. Usually such companies have many requirements for developers (the main ones I have described), but each has its own characteristics that indicate in the job postings. You need to understand if you can do them and be part of a team. But do not forget about the golden side of the medal, these are the conditions offered by the company. Developer is one of the highest paid professions nowadays, in addition you will have the opportunity to work with promising international projects, work in a team of professionals, have a flexible schedule and even the opportunity to work from home. Therefore, definitely hiring has more prospects and promises a bright future for diligent developers. More skills – more power!


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