Degradation of Quality in the Internet Market

It’s about time that people should start considering the internet as an essential service because this is the reality of today, and many governments around the world have already recognized the internet as an essential service. The major reason behind such a landmark is the pandemic, before it, people were not ready to admit the full potential of the internet, and it was also after the pandemic that the world saw how powerful this technology is.

The historic milestone that the internet achieved both in terms of recognition and number of users was only because of these past couple of years that were spent in lockdowns due to the deadly virus that gripped humanity. When people weren’t able to go to their workplaces, business, and schools, the whole infrastructure of the world was on the verge of collapse, and people were desperately looking for a savior.

This savior came and it was an unexpected one, to say the least. This savior was the internet that provided humanity with over the web alternatives to continue their normal routine of life, at least virtually. Life found a way to continue through the web, although it wasn’t like old times, still, something was better than nothing. Economic activities were resumed through work from home trend, businesses were revived through e-commerce, and educational activities started again through online classes and remote learning.

So in a way, the internet took the whole world’s infrastructure under its wing. These were the major factors that compelled governments to include the internet in the list of essential services. This wasn’t all, because soon the internet became so deeply rooted that countries started offering grants to their citizens so that they can remain connected to the internet.

Saturation and Degradation of Services in ISPs

Since everyone was using the internet for different kinds of activities, this resulted in the user base of the internet skyrocketing within a few months of the pandemic. As the internet became the backbone of all major economic and educational activity, those people who were a critic of the internet in the past were also forced to use it now.

Plus these grants and financial assistance from governments all over the world also paved the way for more and more users to adopt the internet. This was a good thing in a way but also posed some serious problems. As not every internet service provider was focusing consumer interest in this new tide of technological dependence, in fact, many were just there to make a quick buck out of these new naïve users of the internet. Plus the internet industry was already hit by a saturation point a couple of years back which further contributed to this service degradation.

Why it has Become Difficult to get a Good Internet Provider?

As people were getting grants and financial assistance from the government to get an internet connection many new users just jumped on the most accessible or cheap service provider they got. This was ok for a short time when the bill wasn’t being paid from their own pocket. However, this bubble was soon busted when people started facing problems with their connections.

And as sensitive tasks were being done including work from home and online classes, thus these connection problems became ever so sensitive in nature because people’s jobs and educations were dependent on it now. This made an average consumer realize to go with a reputed internet company in order to avoid any future inconvenience. But the next part of the problem was where and how to find a good service provider?

Using the Internet to Find Internet

Obviously, since the internet has been helping us with so many things so it was evident that in order to find a good internet service provider we need to take the help of the internet. Currently, there are more than 7000 internet-providing companies in the country and it can become quite difficult to choose the right provider out of so many options. However, there are many platforms on the internet that can look up for companies providing internet services in an area just by entering the zip code.

Platforms like among many others are helping the residents of America by allowing them to check different service providers in their area along with their packages, pricing, and reviews so customers don’t have to wander around for additional information and can make a better decision all through a single platform. Not only this but these platforms also have the options to directly contact the company through their website for further information or to order the services directly to your address making them a one-stop internet buying solution.

Cox Communications at a Glance

So through all this discussion, we learned the importance of the internet and how it is necessary to choose a reputed internet provider. Talking about big providers customers living in areas of Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas should definitely consider checking out Cox communications. They are the third-largest cable company in the country and provide exceptional internet, home phone, and cable service at a very affordable cost. Not only this, but the actual unique selling point (USP) of Cox is its incredible customer service. 

They have separate customer support lines of English and Spanish customers, where Spanish customers can reach out to numero de Cox en Español regarding any query related to services, pricing, technical assistance, or billing. Apart from Cox, there are many other giants of the telecom industry that a user can easily trust, just make sure to do their own research beforehand and don’t jump on a provider mindlessly. 


Through this article, we tried to shed light on the role of the internet during the pandemic, and how it rose to such a high and significant place. We also tried to make our readers aware that why they should be careful when selecting an internet connection while subsequently arguing how the internet is an essential service today. We also tried shedding light on how the increased saturation in the internet provider market has resulted in the degradation of the quality of service over time and also talked about providers like Cox that are offering reliable services. 

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