Top Ways Business Owners Attract Customers

For new business owners looking for the best way to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, attracting customers is typically the basis for their success. Businesses cannot survive without customers and attracting them to new brands is the first step in building a successful brand name. We’ll take a look at some of the best ways business owners can attract new customers to begin building their business.

Creative Advertising Tactics

One of the best ways that businesses can attract customers is through creative advertising. Although word-of-mouth advertising has long been a popular method of raising awareness for businesses, there’s no shortage of creative ways to grab the attention of customers when promoting a brand. Through advertising outlets like social media, commercial television, radio, podcasts, and print ads businesses can gain momentum in their industry and begin building a loyal consumer base for years to come. 

Utilize Online Ratings and Reviews

In one study published by George Washington University, researchers surprisingly concluded that a business’ overall rating or score was not a major deciding factor for consumers, but the actual number of reviews was more important. Businesses looking to make a good impression when it comes to online reviews should ensure they respond to negative reviews in a timely manner, encourage past clients to leave reviews with follow-up emails or other methods of contact and publish review scores on websites and other advertising methods.

Hire the Help of Professionals

One of the biggest mistakes business owners can make when first starting out is not hiring professionals to help with developing a business plan as well as other additional services. Although most businesses don’t have much money to spend upfront, businesses should consider hiring professionals with a background in marketing, retail merchandising, advertising, and more.

Offer Special Pricing or Discounts on Services

For new businesses just starting out, offering opening specials or new client offers is an ideal way to build a client base. Offering discounts on services plays into the psychological desires of shoppers because saving money has been scientifically proven to make people happy. New businesses may want to consider offering special grand opening pricing or discounts, reduced pricing for new customers, or other specials to get people in the door. Additionally, this business practice works well for catching the attention of repeat customers as they often delay necessary work or services due to financial restrictions, but may return to a company that offers low pricing. 

Start a Blog

Business owners can take advantage of online blogs to help drive customers to their website while searching for certain products or services. By working with the help of professional writers, business owners can create search engine optimized (also known as SEO) blog posts with certain keywords that will help a business website stand out in online searches and drive traffic to a business website. When reaching a company website, customers looking for services will be encouraged to learn more about a company and potentially bring in new business.

Keep Your Website Up to Date

This piece of the puzzle might seem obvious as most business owners these days will require a professional website to run a business, but just having a website isn’t enough. Oftentimes, a company’s website is the consumer’s first interaction with the brand, and having a comprehensive, professional website can make or break the reputation of a business. For business owners with little to no website experience, hiring a professional website-building service can ensure that consumers get the best impression of your brand. In addition to being the first impression customers get about a brand, websites must be maintained with up-to-date business hours, and pricing to maintain a professional and trustworthy relationship with consumers.

Offer Client Referrals

As previously mentioned, word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most successful ways of bringing in new customers and people love saving money, or even better, getting money for free. This is why offering compensation for client referrals can be extremely rewarding for businesses trying to bring in new clients. Loyal, established clients are likely already talking about a business they love among friends, but offering them money to do it will raise the stakes and encourage them to try to bring in new clients more often. 

There is no shortage of creative ways that new businesses can successfully build a client base and part of running a successful business includes continually protecting brand equity within the community. Business owners following these steps or finding their own new methods of connecting with clients will undoubtedly see success as their business continues to grow. 

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