Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Holiday E-commerce Sales

Holidays are favorites for many people and as a person who runs an online business, this could be an opportunity you could capitalize on to boost your sales. Here are some holiday selling ecommerce tips that you can utilize to grow your business.

Go with the theme

You need to get into a festive mood before it kicks in when it kicks in and a little bit after the season has ended. Prep up the site to look like the celebrations. Use colorful graphics, photos, and language that will entice your sellers to be in the right mood for some holiday shopping. If you can, advertise or boost the website so that it can appear as a suggested place to shop during the holiday.

Use Advocacy Marketing

Your site might have had loyal customers and there is no better time to offer rewards than the holidays. There are many ways you can do this, one of the best ones being the redemption of loyalty points. These loyalty points that they have ideally collected throughout the year can be redeemed for discounts, free gifts, subscriptions, and anything else that makes them feel like they are appreciated simply by shopping on the website.

Get Personal

Shoppers keep coming back to sites where they feel appreciated. During the holiday season, send out personalized emails celebrating the customers and their purchases. Be appreciative of their support and give them offers they will be interested in. Personalized marketing can help boost your sales as goods or services will be focused on those who will most likely buy them.

Offer Impulse Buying

Holiday sales are peak consumerism points and signs like SALE! or DISCOUNT!, will subconsciously create a need to buy the item immediately. These flash sales should be limited so that you do not give your customers too many options and they become confused. They should also be visible on the landing page to entice new and frequent visitors to shop.

Offer Free Shipping

There is nothing that people love more than free shipping on items. If you offer services internationally, this might cost you a lot, so you can reduce the locale to your town or your country. If you can afford it, you can increase your markup by a fraction and offer free shipping to shoppers who buy a certain number of items. With the catch of free shipping, you will find people trying to buy the number of items required for the free shipping. According to Lightspeed, “Those that adapted and pivoted their business model during the 2020 holiday selling season saw a 75% increase in sales on average, while those who didn’t only saw a 25% increase in sales (with only 50% of those businesses seeing an increase at all).”

Include New Year Promotions Too

The festive season is a short period and as a business person, you need to take advantage of everything. From the pre-Christmas excitement all the way to the new year, you can go ahead and put up new year offers and customers who like shopping beforehand can get in on some offers. Curate enough content for the season and just focus your energy on managing sales.

A lot more people are leaning into online shopping as opposed to brick-and-mortar stores. With the right strategy, you will make some good sales.

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