Best Trading Apps You Should Know About

These days smartphones have the great computing power and convenience of use. People tend to use their mobile devices to surf the Internet, send messages, make purchases, take snaps, play games, etc. 

If you want to become a broker and buy/sell shares of stocks online, a smartphone can also become a useful device. Thanks to a large variety of the best trading apps available, anyone can create a brokerage account and start investing using a smartphone in hand.

The selection of the top trading apps below will help you find the best tool that matches all your needs and requirements.

TD Ameritrade

It is a simple application that provides a seamless mobile trading experience for both novices and skilled traders. The application is available on both iOS and Android devices. This app’s primary benefit is that it brings almost all the features available on a desktop to smartphones and tablets.

Also, the application foresees the option to create a new account for free. Note, the platform has stock trade fees. The application supports a lot of ways to top up a balance, including checks. The inbuilt feature allows users to scan and send checks in a few taps. 

The mobile app has a clean and intuitive design that doesn’t require new users to spend hours learning how to use it. It can also keep you updated about the latest news and provide access to educational material for free. TD Ameritrade can send you price alerts on wearable devices to keep you notified.


It’s a new app that became popular fast due to a large number of great features and the absence of fees. The app requires users to top-up a virtual balance of $1 or more to start.

It is a great choice for skilled traders who know all ins and outs of investing. Webull provides a detailed analysis of stocks and shows detailed information. In addition to stock shares, it allows us to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with no hassle.

The smart-trading tools imply more than 50 technical indicators and 12 charting tools. They will help analyze all the data thoroughly to purchase stocks correctly. The paper trading feature also allows to simulate the market environment and sharpen trading skills without spending real money.

Also, the app allows users to interact with other traders and join communities. This feature also foresees the ability to follow news from other users. Thereupon, you can learn how to invest in using the app. 

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Fidelity Mobile

If you’re a novice in trading, this app will be a great pick. It provides users with a seamless way of buying and selling shares of stocks. The app’s rating on AppStore is 4.8. The developers and users highlight the fact that navigation in the app is as simple as possible. 

It provides a well-tailored user experience thanks to a large number of customization options. For instance, users can customize their watch list and news. Also, it foresees the ability to follow Fidelity trading experts and watch Live Bloomberg streaming videos for free. 

There is no minimum deposit required for installing the app and creating a new account. Also, Fidelity gets no commission fees on stock, ETF, and options trades. Using the app, users can send checks to add some money to their accounts. It also keeps users updated with the help of push notifications.


It is a good trading app for those who don’t have vast experience buying and selling stocks. The application has a simplified design that doesn’t confuse users. It foresees the option to bring all money in one place without paying any account fees. Also, it allows tracking all expenses and monitoring a credit score rating with ease.

Nevertheless, the app provides great opportunities for trading. Users can start investing with only $1 on their account. You can buy/sell stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency in a few taps using the app.

Moreover, the company is a leading provider of student loan refinancing. Their programs help learners save a lot of money. Therefore, if you’re a learner, the app can help you avoid working part-time while studying. 

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Tip for Novices in Trading

Most inexperienced traders lose all their money because of the desire to earn a lot of money rapidly. Consequently, they invest all their savings riskily. 

In case you want to achieve great results, start with the amount you can afford to lose. However, don’t invest all the money into one stock. Diversification is the best way to keep your investments safe.


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