B2B Marketplace Platforms Comparison

If you want to develop a vertical or horizontal marketplace for your organization or operate a standalone marketplace, you’ll need a powerful marketplace platform. In this piece, you’ll learn about seven of the most effective B2B marketplace platforms on the market today, as well as the crucial features to look for.

What Every Buyer Wants in a B2B Marketplace

Platforms for the marketplace must cater to three distinct groups of people:

  • a market participant
  • a customer at a public market, a seller in a public market
  • Platform features that benefit all three parties, in other words, should be included.

Marketplace owners are seeking solutions that assist them in attracting and enrolling merchants. They are looking for solutions that would enable them to personalize the vendor and consumer experiences. They also want to accept payments from several merchants when making purchases that comprise things from all of them.

Marketplace vendors are more focused on providing a great customer experience. They are also interested in product catalogs and pricing lists. They also want to digitize the quotation process.

Buyers in the marketplace seek a streamlined shopping experience that enables them to buy from several sellers on the same ticket, maintains track of their purchases, and allows them to return things quickly. They wish to create user roles and power for their accounts to replicate their organizational structure. You won’t recruit suppliers if you don’t deliver a great experience to your consumers. A marketplace is incomplete without buyers and sellers.

Investigate These Seven Different Marketplace Options

Begin your inquiry by looking at the leading companies in the industry. Because this market is so young, there aren’t many competitors. If you want to operate your eCommerce website, be sure the marketplace you choose can do two things.

The following is a general summary of the seven significant players in this market:


OroCommerce is unusual in the eCommerce industry since it is one of the few marketplace eCommerce systems explicitly designed for B2B transactions. As a bonus, you may manage an eCommerce website from the same backend as your marketplace website. OroMarketplace can handle any business model, including B2B2C, B2C, and B2X markets. Marketplace operators and merchants will have access to an integrated CRM system. Suppliers and marketplace managers have access to a robust workflow engine for digitizing processes, as well as extensive reporting tools. It contains tools like monitoring and onboarding to help sellers operate their businesses. Further, the platform’s open-source code has a robust and scalable API with third-party system interfaces.


Mirakl approaches marketplace software in a novel manner. It has a backend for B2C and B2B transactions but no front-end. Instead, it gives access to APIs and pre-built connections so that developers may build a better shopping experience. It interfaces with many business eCommerce systems, including Magento Commerce, SAP Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. In addition to detailed reporting, there are capabilities for product administration, tracking, and monitoring the operators’ and sellers’ activities.


Look at IZBERG if your firm will be operating in the European Union. It’s similar to Mirakl in that it’s a back-end-only marketplace platform with API access for merchants. IZBERG supports net-term payments, invoicing procedures, and other B2B-specific payment methods, and it is intended for both B2C and B2B markets. You may sell both tangible and digital goods with this marketplace solution.


AppDirect focuses only on delivering marketplace solutions for people who supply digital services. If you want to sell actual goods, this is not the way to go. AppDirect differentiates from other digital marketplace platforms. It knows what it takes to deliver an integrated B2C and B2B marketplace platform for selling digital items and subscriptions on any platform or device. It may be integrated with other systems via an API. It was initially intended for digital download and subscription for telecoms brands, but it may now be used for any digital product. AppDirect offers a complete collection of digital product management and seller onboarding solutions. Also, the platform’s standard marketplace platform attributes, such as onboarding and reporting functionality, will attract and retain suppliers.


Omnyfy might be the answer to your problem, whether your marketplace sells items, reservations, or services. In addition to B2B markets, it enables B2C and B2B eCommerce (similar to OroMarketplace). The market is well-rounded, with backend connections from SAP, Magento, and Shopify. In addition to the system’s fundamental tasks, modules for shipping integration, quoting functionality, and processing product or vendor evaluations are available.


Spryker’s PaaS marketplace solution helps its B2B and B2C eCommerce licensees to grow into new markets. Is there no internet store? It’s not a problem. Even if your firm does not use Spryker, you may still use the platform. Further, the Spryker marketplace platform provides essential onboarding and product administration services, as well as a headless architecture for more front-end flexibility. It enables several sellers to sell the same UPC-coded item and simplifies bidding and auction operations. Moreover, the technology allows for the implementation of unified multi-channel eCommerce.


Marketplacer may be used by both B2B and B2C eCommerce marketplaces. The system’s backbone consists of an operator hub and a vendor portal. Modules are also added to separate the front end and enable digital objects and the client’s scheduling of events and services. Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce are just a handful of the eCommerce platforms supported by the API.

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