5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Intranet

The intranet can be an important tool for so many reasons, but sometimes they become a little stale and need a new lease of life. There’s so much you can do with your intranet though, and they can make a huge difference to the lives of the communities who engage with them. 

Here are five easy ways to spice up your intranet. 

Make it Easy for People to Contribute 

An intranet should be about community, but it’s hard to build that sense of community if you don’t have many people contributing to it. People lead busy lives though, so if you’re going to encourage more people to contribute, then you need to make the process as simple as possible. 

Look to streamline your intranet as much as possible and put as few barriers as possible in front of someone who is looking to contribute. If you make it longwinded and difficult, then you’re going to drive down engagement. 

Run Some Competitions 

Everybody loves competition. They’re fun, and you always hold that slight glimmer of hope that one day you might win. 

You’ve got a great opportunity to bring people together with your intranet, so try and engage people with fun initiatives such as a weekly trivia quiz, or a brand photo of the week competition. 

These are things people enjoy and can get them coming back to your intranet week after week. 

Offer Value 

The trick to creating any content is offering real value. Too often when we make content, we’re just trying to fill a gap and put something out there, but do we take the time to ask ourselves “what is the true value I’m offering with this content?” 

Take time to understand your audience, then create a content plan that’s going to offer people value by answering their questions and solving their problems. When you start to do this, people are going to see your Intranet as a go-to place. 

Make Use of Multimedia

An intranet platform with Simpplr should be a place where people go to get important information, but that doesn’t mean it has to be text-based. 

Incorporating multimedia is a great way to drive engagement and allow people to get more out of the information you’re offering. You might be there to inform, but there’s nothing wrong with entertaining at the same time, so be creative about how you present information. 

Video is a hugely powerful tool, so make sure you’re incorporating it into your Intranet. 

Be a Place Where People Can Seek Help

An intranet is a wonderful opportunity to offer people a place where they can seek confidential help. If someone has a problem within your community, then you want to be able to help them with it, but often it can be hard to reach them. 

Your intranet is a great place to be able to make that connection with people who are struggling and guide them towards the help they need. This makes an intranet hugely valuable resources for all parties. 



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