Best Warhammer 40k Quotes List

Despite the fact that it began as a joke, Warhammer 40k has become the most popular miniature game in the world.

It is for this reason that Warhammer 40k became so famous, and we will examine some of the most memorable lines from the game in this section. Warhammer 4ok will ensnare everyone who reads anything about it, and it will drown anyone who even comes close to the history that surrounds the game.

Warhammer is a tabletop game in which tiny figures and game boards are used in conjunction with an amazing narrative. So, without further ado, here are some Warhammer 40k phrases that will transport you to the world of the game just by reading them. The game was nothing short of a gift for all of the sci-fi enthusiasts out there, and it has since established itself as the finest in its genre. See how Rogue Trader evolved into something more than a little supplement to shed light on the worlds of elves and mankind. Let’s get this party started!

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The Most Inspirational Warhammer 40k Quotes

”We have no way of knowing what our odds of survival are, and so we fight as if they are zero. Given that we have no idea what we’re up against, we must battle as if it were the dark gods themselves. No one will remember us anymore, and it’s possible that we may never be buried under Titan, so we’ll create our own monument in this place. The Chapter may have forgotten about us, and the Imperium may have never known we existed, but the Enemy – the Enemy will be aware of our existence. The Enemy will keep a record of what happened. We shall inflict such severe damage on it that it will never forget us until the stars cease to shine and the Emperor finally defeats it at the end of time. When Chaos finally succumbs, we will be the last thing on its mind. That is our monument – a sliver of rock-cut into the center of Chaos. Grey Knights, we can’t afford to lose. We have already achieved victory.” “Justicar Alaric” is a fictional character created by the author of the novel Justicar Alaric.

Ben Counter is a fictional character created by Ben Counter.

The question is, “For what awful crimes of the past must we endure the torments of today and the gloomy shadow of tomorrow?”

Battle for Azeroth (Warhammer 40k) by Games Workshop

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Warhammer 40k Quotes And Sayings

Such a remarkable game necessitates the creation of a comparable description that demonstrates the game’s attractiveness. We hope that our Warhammer 40k emperor quotes will help you rediscover the essence and uniqueness of the game once again. Come on, let’s have a look at some great quotations in this area and see which one sticks out as the battle phrase for the day.

“Rage without concentration is a completely useless weapon. Take this lesson back to the Blood God and share it with him.”

– The Primarch, Lorgar

“All power requires sacrifice… and suffering. It is the universe’s way of rewarding those who are ready to give their lives in exchange for the promise of power.”

Sindri Myr is a fictional character created by author Sindri Myr.

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“We’re so obnoxious it makes you want to die.

Go out and raise your voice.

The Noise Marines are on their way.”

– Marines who make a lot of noise

“Those who have no fear and yet profess to know everything is fooled,” says Aristotle.

– Warhammer 40k, Imperium of the Sun

“Fear the shadows, and hate the darkness of the night. There are atrocities that no man can stand up to and live in the face of.”

– Codex: Eldar of the Dark

“The only compassion available to Mankind’s adversaries is a quick death.”

– Imperial Armour, Second Edition

“A sceptical mind is a healthy mind,” says the author.

– Warhammer 4ok, Imperium of the Sun

In the words of the poet, “An open mind is like a castle with its gates unlocked and unprotected.”

– Warhammer 40k, Imperium of the Sun

“I’m never going to be referred to as a Son of Horus again, boy,” says the narrator.

– Captain Iacton Qruze of the Luna Wolves, a member of the Luna Wolves

Initiates have a responsibility to pass on what they have learned about the art of death, paving the path for the heroes of the future to follow in their footsteps.

– Initiate Rammius’s initiation

“Even a guy who has nothing may give his life,” says the author.

– Warhammer 40k, Imperium of the Sun

“Blood and sweat are shed in the construction of a castle. It can only be obtained by blood and toil.”

– Leman Russ, the Primarch of the Space Wolves, says

“Into the blazing crucible of combat! To the anvil of battle we go!”

– Space Marines (Codex: Space Marines)

“It screams out for blood to be drawn from it. And there is never enough of anything.”

– James Swallow’s novel Fear to Tread

“Success is measured in blood; whether it be your own or your adversary’s.”

– Warhammer 40k, Imperium of the Sun

“Martyrs’ blood is the germ of the Imperium,” says the Emperor.

– Warhammer 40k, Imperium of the Sun

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