IMDb Movie: Top 3 Movie Picks For Film Enthusiasts

The improvements of filmmaking from the early 1960s up to the current date are way over the top. Although we have to admit, there are still films created from decades ago with not so entertaining visual effects (of course for the time, it was good) that are really close to our hearts, and that we still definitely call them a perfect classic. 

There are numerous varieties in film genres; all would reflect one’s interest and personality. Adventurous people love adventure and action movies. Bookish people love films that are integrated from the book to the actual film and criticize the accuracy.  Happy-go-lucky people are into life and style movies, and the variety of comedy. Chicken-hearted people love horror and thriller movies, quite ironic. Intellectual people dig into sci-fi, psychological, and mind-twisting movies. Some are just flexible to all film genres as long as there is an actual substance with quality filmmaking. The uniqueness of people and their interests are somewhat amusing.

But to watch some of your movies at home, you need to use a website like IMDb. IMDb is well-renowned for its high standards in film critique and has been in the industry for more than two decades. IMDb is our gateway to enjoying the variety of movies formulated by great minds around the world. Here are the top three IMDb movie with the highest rating:

The Shawshank Redemption(1994)

The Shawshank Redemption. Started by Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, and Bob Gunton, and Directed by Frank Darabont, this film is enumerated to be one of the top quality movies of all time. Although it did only earn $16 million, it did receive 7 Academy Awards nominations. It is one of Stephen King’s classic films.

The story is about Andy Dufresne; although he claims that he is innocent of murdering his wife and his wife’s lover, he was given a life sentence. Andy built a rapport with an inmate named Ellis Redding and has adapted to his new miserable life in prison. They worked together to live in prison with better means continuously, and maybe escape one day. 

Unlike the usual blockbuster films that earn hundreds of millions, The Shawshank Redemption did not hit the highest gross sales. Still, it did widen people’s perspective about Hollywood and its predictability. Some might even call this film a work of art. 

The Godfather I and II (1972 and 1974)

Technically, ranks two and three are given to The Godfather I and II. Francis Ford Coppola’s sequel is one of the best classics of all time, with an IMDb rating of 9.1 (The Godfather I) and 9.0 (The Godfather II). Marlon Brando and Al Pacino’s remarkable performance gave the extra details to how an actual mafia works in real life.  

Don Vito Corleone is one of the most feared mafias in New York. He is kind and generous to those who sincerely respect him but is also dreadful to those who are not. Michael, his youngest son, has different ways of expanding their business and influence. The clash of their ideals led to extensive mob wars to other mafia families. 

The Godfather II portrays the earlier life of Vito Corleone around the 1920s. It tells how he grew up in Sicily in the early 1910s and worked his way up to the giant mafias in New York. It also continues the story of how Michael Corleone expands to Cuba, Hollywood, and Las Vegas. Their family business continues to grow, yet differently than Don Vito Corleone’s.  

The Dark Knight (2008)

In the history of Batman films, this has left quite a historic mark in every film critique’s mind and soul. Christopher Nolan has made a masterpiece with Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and Heath Ledger. The cinematography, musical scoring, intelligent scriptwriting, captivating action sequence, and everything else. It is a complete package—an IMDb rating of 9.0 stars. 

When the new District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman, and Lieutenant James Gordon begin to face the big mobsters of Gotham fearlessly, Joker comes into the scene and teams up with the criminals just to personally take down Batman. With the Joker’s wit, he uncovered the three’s weaknesses, and Batman had to make the most difficult choices. 


If you are fond of films filled with top-caliber, high-quality filmmaking, IMDb TV could be your best friend. You will be able to see ratings, reviews, and synopsis before you can even watch the film. You can also exercise your critical thinking by comparing your analysis from professional critics who evaluated IMDb movies. 

You can also review the cast. If you are a huge and loyal fan of a specific celebrity, it will be easier for you to scan through the movies he/she has done, and might even discover films that you are not familiar with. IMDb or Internet Movie Database is also called the encyclopedia of movies because of its vast array of legitimately quality films. 

One of the edges of IMDb TV compared to other online movie streaming sites is that it is free. Although it will have ads along the way, it is much better than being obliged to pay a certain fee every month. It is not only limited to movies, but also video games, TV shows, and other contents of modern media. 

IMDb is the best streaming site 

We used to watch movies on our television screens with the use of oh Betamax, VHS, VCD, DVD, and Bluray. It is quite amazing how technology swiftly transcended from tapes to CDs and now to online streaming. Each decade introduces a new model of technological advancement, which can make everyone’s lives more convenient and comfortable. 

Various online movie streaming sites or apps are available nowadays. Most of them do require monthly fees for the continuous subscription. It is good that movie streaming sites such as IMDb exist, for it provides free services. It can also be available to those who are not that fortunate to afford these monthly fees yet can still attain the same quality entertainment.

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