Top 10 Best Sites like Sumotorrent

One of the first torrent sites is SumoTorrent. Other piracy and torrenting sites have come and gone, but SumoTorrent has remained steadfast, offering the greatest torrents for downloading anything you wish.

Since SumoTorrent includes torrents from every imaginable genre, it’s by far my favorite place to download them. But do not be alarmed; everything is not lost! Using these SumoTorrent proxy and mirror sites, you can still access SumoTorrent.

Because this approach is sluggish, it’s essential to maintain a running list of SumoTorrent alternatives handy. As long as these comparison sites like SumoTorrent are up to date, you’ll always have access to the latest torrents.

Top 10 Best Sites like Sumotorrent

1. YTS

YIFY is certainly familiar if you’ve been downloading torrents for some time. Previously, this was the most popular P2P repository for movies.

To many whose Internet and torrenting requirements were met only by use of YIFY, this is welcome news indeed. It used to be recognized for its highly efficient video and audio encoding, which provided excellent quality in tiny file size. YTS, on the other hand, provides a similar service. You can still download 1080p HD movies that aren’t more than 1.5-2GB in size even if you don’t have the quickest Web connection. With over 100 million monthly users, it’s easy to understand why YTS is a top pick for this article.

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2. 1337X

It’s infuriating to have a torrent site up and operating for a decade and not have it taken down. While some other large brands were collapsing around it, 1337X has been instructed to accomplish exactly that. However, Kickass Torrents has gone down, and The Pirate Bay has had a number of issues, so it’s not unexpected to see people returning to 1337x. Currently, this is the most active peer-to-peer network on the internet, drawing in over 64 million visitors per month.


Every torrent game has RARBG as a penalized player. It’s also a fun one to put your skills to the test with. Fortunately, RARBG has returned after a lengthy absence. You’ll be able to locate virus-free torrent downloads of all sizes. Again, RARBG strives to provide malware-free torrents by only allowing verified torrents.

Please be aware that some internet service providers have targeted RARBG in the past. If your ISP has prohibited the website, you will be unable to view it.

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4. LimeTorrents

As far as P2P file repositories go, LimeTorrents is one of the oldest still in operation. As a result, it’s not unexpected to notice that this website makes use of “outdated” technology like RSS. Despite the fact that RSS feeds are becoming less popular, they’re still a great method to stay up with anything new on LimeTorrents. Even better, you may design a customized RSS feed to prevent your RSS reader from being overloaded with fresh data.

There is a wide variety of information on this page. In addition, it enables you to search for particular files, keep track of the newest torrents, and download the most popular P2P files at any given point in time. But don’t stop there. You can build your own profile on LimeTorrents and interact with other users by posting comments and starting conversations with them.

5: Extratorrent.cc

In order to provide a search engine and a database for all types of torrent files, Extratorrent.cc is a well-known bit-torrent website. Extratorrent.cc has a more comprehensive collection of torrent files than BitTorrent.com. Any BitTorrent tracker, including the newly announced sync tool, allows website visitors of this platform to upload torrents to this website, which are then monitored by any of the platform’s many BitTorrent trackers. The fact that users have already used it to sync a significant petabyte of data tells the tool’s success story. Most BitTorrent platforms try to provide a user-friendly search index for torrent files of all types. Torrents may be uploaded to this website by visitors and then tracked using any BitTorrent tracker.

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6: Thepiratebay.se

Digital material, mostly from the entertainment industry, is listed on The Pirate Bay’s website. A key goal of Thepiratebay.se is to provide a user-friendly system that makes torrenting simpler while also providing better organization of results. Users of the Pirate Bay website may get Magnet links by visiting the site’s login page. Peer-to-peer networking networks provide a wealth of free, downloadable content. Start downloading the unique file when it’s opened in a BitTorrent client. Personal files cannot be downloaded or viewed on ThePirateBay.se. In conjunction with uTorrent or BitTorrent, the pirate bay website is fantastic. ThePirateBay.se is a fast and effective method to search for torrent files on the world’s largest torrent website. You’ll be able to search and download torrents easily if you have this program installed. In addition to subcategories like Audiobooks and other torrent files, ThePirateBay.se has a search engine that aids users in determining what is available in broad categories like Audio tracks, Video, and Games.

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