The Best Russian Name For A Girl

Some of the most common Russian girls’ names include Anastasia, Katerina, and other similar names. There are also some parallels between some of these Russian names and names from other areas of the globe. The abbreviated form of a Russian given name creates an excellent nickname, and, best of all, the profound meaning of the given name is retained. You may be at a loss on what Russian baby name to give your kid at this point. Not to worry, this list has 100 Russian baby girl names to help you narrow down your options. There are also non-binary options available in case you have a boy and don’t want to alter your given name choice after that.

The Best Russian Name For A Girl

There are many names that are popular all around the globe, and Sofia Sofia is a popular choice among Russian girls. Sofia is a Greek word that meaning ‘knowledge.’


Anastasia is one of the most beautiful Russian female names, and it literally translates as “resurrection.”


 Maria is a traditional name that has maintained its popularity throughout time. Its meanings include “of the sea” and “bitter.”

Everywhere in the globe, the name Anya is used as a newborn girl’s name. It is of Russian origin and has become very popular in recent years. Anya is a feminine given name that meaning “grace.”

Russian girl name Alina Alina is one of the most attractive Russian female names, and it signifies both “bright” and “beautiful.”

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Ekaterina is a Russian name that literally translates as “perfect,” making it an excellent option for parents looking for a flawless name for their newborn girl.


This one-of-a-kind Russian newborn girl’s given name translates as “bright and sparkling light.”

‘Chaste’ and ‘purity’ are the meanings of the Russian variant of the popular Spanish given name Inez, which means ‘chaste’ and ‘purity.’


Mila is a name that has seen a significant increase in popularity in recent years, particularly outside of Russia. Mila Kunis, the actress, is perhaps the most well-known bearer of this name, which literally translates as “loved by the people.”


Mischa Barton is another well-known actress with a Russian given name. Mischa is a Hebrew name that meaning “who is like God.”


Russia, the nation of origin of the name Polina, is a highly popular newborn girl’s name among parents. Polina is a Russian name that means both “small” and “humble.”


Alisa is a feminine given name that means “great pleasure.”


Kira is a common Russian baby name that has also gained popularity in the United Kingdom, where the name is spelled Kiera instead of Kira. Kira is a Sanskrit word that meaning “people’s leader.”


According to whatever origin you choose to associate with this well-liked Russian and Ukrainian girl’s name, all-ah, it has a variety of distinct meanings. The meaning of “other” is derived from its Russian roots, whereas the meaning of “ascend” or “to move up” is derived from its Hebrew and Arabic roots. However you look at it, this straightforward yet beautiful name is a typical Russian pick.

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Alina is a cheerful baby girl name with Slavic roots that means “bright” and “beautiful.” It is popular in Russia and other Slavic nations, and it means “bright and lovely.” Whether on its own or with the moniker Lina, it is stunning.


Your familiarity with the name Anastasia most likely stems from the legendary Russian Romanov princess and the Disney film of the same name. This royal name of Greek origin means “resurrection,” and it carries a tremendous amount of weight. However, if the name Anastasia is a bit too long for you, you may also nickname your child Anya or Anna.


Despite the fact that Anna is often used as a shortened form of Anastasia, the name has a completely distinct meaning. Affection, elegance, and beauty are the meanings of this Latinized version of the Greek and Hebrew names. Girls called Anna may also go by the nickname Anya, much like Anastasia.

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Elizaveta is the Russian version of Elizabeth, and it is a traditional name with religious roots in Russia. Elizaveta (Liza, for short), which translates as “God is my oath,” is a lovely name that flows off the tongue wonderfully and is a unique twist on the anglicized form.

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