Best Rogue Names List Which Are Popular

A rogue is a kind of character from the realm of elves and druids who is devious and cunning in his or her deeds.

Because of all the postings and material that have been made public, we know that they are often composed of lowlifes, pirates, and other wrongdoers in society. The notorious characters that constantly create problems may be found in anything from J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary works such as “The Hobbit” to the classic role-playing game “Dungeons And Dragons.”

They are also well-known to video game fans because of their participation in the famous video game ‘World of Warcraft.’ A rogue is a combatant who is known for his or her sneak strikes and melee tactics. He or she is fast in battle and has the ability to slip into the shadows. For this reason, it is only appropriate that rogues have names that are powerful, distinctive, and intriguing. For those looking for a distinctive name for their gaming character, or for those looking for dark and mystical names for their blog posts or a new piece of fiction, the full list of names provided below is a good starting point. From our wide selection, you may choose anything from amusing to violent names. Make haste and start naming your new character right now!

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Rogue Characters with Amusing Nicknames

Since you are all aware, these names may be amusing for many individuals at times, as they are not liked by everyone, as you can see in the examples above. However, some people like amusing things and these are the amusing rogue names given to such individuals.

Grim Vexx Prysm Tombend
Umbri Maleficum Carmine Brevil
Vexacion Grove Grim Zul
Seskel Geulimja Raven Strain
Gloom Christanti Max Whisper  
Zayne Creighton Elliot Serphent
Carmin Vixen Thyme Zorander
Cyan Black Nebula Addington
Rave Le Doux Klyn Calarook
Chalice Winter Soren Whitmore  
Klyn Keeling Emmit Zul
Jayde Cross Arlin Knotley
Drace Thornheart Rogue Jinx
Dominique Woods Requiem Naxxremis
Larsa Grove Jayde Chalice  
Ecthrois Zul Dream Shadowend
Seren Addington Kaige Vossen
Ashes Drach Thyme Caligari
Arc Christian Kindle Tombend
Ashen Argent Elliot Lovelace  
Drace Manglyeong Fark Everbleed
Freed Marth Blight Carpathia
Blight Deamonne Voss Black
Trik Vonner Gail Le Rouge
Ashes Duke Dream Shadowend  

Names of Female Rogue Characters

It is not essential that just men may be nasty and select terrible names in order to be considered bad. Females are also fond of these kinds of things, and they use them to express their bad personalities to the rest of the world from time to time.

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Cyan Shadowsoul Thistle Blackwood
Inigo Shadowend Eleanore Cross
Rosary Zorander Katreena Snow
Dominique Angelsin Chein Caligari
Lyndis Graves Vayne Morgan  
Gossamer Bloodgood Quintessa Diablo
Cat Von Stein Ukara Grail
Sarah Willow Sax Heliot
Eldia Knotley Lilith Drach
Lament Delarosa Sully Duke  
Floris Bloodworth Nifsara Digby
Diamanda Lestat Ashera Brevil
Valaine Storm Rogue Duke
Aries Hart Vayne Cross
Twilight Wyrm Selena Christanti  
Gossamer Shackleton Athena Sephiran
Autumn Knotley Thyme Norwood
Xoxo Graves Roshia Duke
Maggard Scarletwound Thessalia Shadowwalker
Max Everbleed Wysteria Whisper  
Leona Wolf Pamela Ash
Strawberri Morelli Autumn Graves
Siouxsie Wright Crimson Trevil
Lucretia Ebonywood Sable Le Blank
Morticia Blackwood Demonia Ash  

Male is given a rogue’s name

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These names may be used for a newborn baby boy or for any occasion, but keep in mind that they are only appropriate for males who want to demonstrate their worst characteristics to the world, which is why they are referred to as bad boy names.

Zerid Feman
Makrid Dii 
Glibrof Sil
Fronderth Brun
Heded-Kas Neh-Kez
Borlezask Gaurdisk
Wuin Wan
Zuebiecin Runtiel
Salun Nurein
Vorstorn Gukradd
Narin Glim
Tagrarth Trer
Vachihed Gedin
Tetvojer Dredjet
FieMiung Zildubiz 
Tienten Khuhlud
Jehmum Horkon
Gugrolm Vivom
Mal Vumer
Blur Vok-Vohko
Luhkez Roordivak
Dildouc Shien
Shiang  Hoscambuz
Grozon Deha-Kus
Shandet  Tamimboz

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