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In the digital world, we’re living in right now, technology has proven to move faster than a second. It continues to evolve, birthing so many applications and devices we can now freely use in our daily lives. 

Quick Response (QR) codes were invented by a Toyota Subsidiary named Denso Wave in 1994. The company being that of the automotive industry, developed this coding model to improve the manufacturing process of vehicles and their parts. But this set of codes was meant for a greater, wider purpose. 

Nowadays, the use of QR codes is endless– may it be for business or personal use. Below is a quick list of some of the everyday uses of QR codes. 

  • File sharing 
  • File Downloading
  • Contact tracing 
  • Accessing applications 
  • Messaging applications 

Qr codes make it easy for us to do a lot of things. Just point and scan– and voila! Thanks to its ability to store 300 times more data compared to one-dimensional barcodes, it is more efficient and performs so much better than its predecessor. 

Now since we’ve mentioned how Qr codes function in our daily lives, we’ll deep dive into how it can be created. 

Below, you’ll find out just how easy it is to create a QR code

What Is A QR Code Generator

A QR code generator is software (often a website) that allows you to store information in a QR code. Normally, data such as text, website links, and applications are what’s embedded in the white and black dots called data pixels or QR code modules

How to generate a QR code

It is fairly easy to generate a QR code. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to generate QR codes using websites such as Beaconstac:

  1. Select a QR code generator website.
  2. Input a link to where the user will be routed once the code is scanned.
  3. Choose between static or dynamic and trackable. The second option might require you to sign up. 
  4. Customize the look of your QR code
  5. You may input your logo/design to complete designing your QR code.
  6. Generate your QR code! 

Easy but effective and efficient! Those are just some of the factors you need to look for when choosing the website you would want to generate QR codes from. 

Are QR Code Generators Free? 

Most websites offer this service for free. One quick search on the web and you’ll be presented with tons of options and it can be overwhelming. 

These websites, despite offering this service for free, may limit some customization or options for the generated QR code. Signing up, or registering for premium service will give you the token to unleash all the premium features that a specific website offers. 

Some websites even offer a free trial period so definitely take advantage of this before signing up! It would be best to get to know their premium features first before investing in their service. It would also be wise to check the reviews and FAQS as it often contains very useful information in navigating the website. 

Is It Safe To Use A QR Code Generator?

In relation to the previous question, QR code generators in general are safe. However, it’s still best to invest in reliable websites like Beaconstac to be sure that you can create QR codes in a safe and secure manner.

We know it can be a little worrying, considering that you will be inputting important information or links, that is why we stress the importance of finding a dependable website for the job! 

Using Qr code generators is reasonably safe. They are not hackable because they are built using a square matrix with pixelated dots, ensuring that they cannot be easily altered. 

Having said these, the best and still most important factor in making sure that generating your QR codes online is safe would be to choose a website that not only does the job quickly and efficiently but is also proven to be secure.

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