Top 18 KissAnime Alternative Sites To Watch Your Favourite Anime Online

Anime has begun to gain a solid following throughout the world, and the number of anime enthusiasts is steadily expanding. Most anime fans are unwilling to pay any kind of membership to watch anime, and KissAnime alternative solved this problem by becoming one of the first websites to provide anime streaming services for free. KissAnime was popular among anime fans and lovers for this reason. KissAnime has always been a fantastic website for free anime streaming, and it may continue to be. However, it is no longer as excellent as it was in the past, or it is only a phase that will not last for long.

Users of KissAnime frequently say that the website is not operating correctly and that it crashes frequently when they try to use it. Most people are looking for a better or comparable alternative to KissAnime, and if you’re one of them, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of 18 sites that will enable you to stream your favorite anime for free and without any problem.

Why Was KissAnime Shut Down?

KissAnime, after The Pirate Bay, was one of the most popular pirated sites, according to reports. Kissanime.ru was without a doubt one of the most popular anime streaming websites. On any pirate websites or content, however, there is always a danger from officials and copyright owners. Because stolen content is, first and foremost, unlawful. In some countries, the KissAnime website was breaking copyright laws. As a result, officials and copyright holders have removed all content from the website. This was, however, exceedingly terrible news for individuals who enjoyed the free information on this website.

This year, on August 14, KissAnime sent a note on its website explaining that copyright holders had taken down KissAnime’s beta servers.

This has been added to the published notice, and the website may be shut down as a result. After a few minutes, KissAnime started trending on Twitter, and people started speculating about the streaming website’s collapse. This is precisely what occurred afterward! KissAnime may not be available right now or in the near future. Since Japan criminalized manga and anime piracy in June 2019, it was predicted that most of the well-known pirated anime websites would no longer function as smoothly as they have in the past.

To make amends, we may go online and search for the greatest anime sites, such as KissAnime. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best anime streaming websites. Let’s have a look at them!

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Top 18 KissAnime Alternative Sites To Watch Your Favourite Anime Online

1: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is without a doubt one of the greatest alternatives to the KissAnime website; it offers everything you need to make your leisure time worthwhile, from anime and manga to dorama (Japanese TV drama).

Crunchyroll was founded in 2006 and has since been the buzz of the anime streaming industry. Crunchyroll is now the most popular streaming service for watching anime online, with over 900 series and approximately 25000 episodes.

2: AnimeLab

AnimeLab, similar to KissAnime, is a 100% free anime streaming service that strives to offer the finest anime series to your computer and mobile devices. The site collects all full-length episodes of major anime shows in one location, which you can watch online or on its anime mobile applications.

AnimeLab, on the other hand, is largely aimed towards audiences in New Zealand and Australia. Using a VPN service, you can still watch your favorite episodes and watch anime online.

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2: 9Anime

If KissAnime hasn’t wowed you and you’re seeking a better option, 9Anime is most likely the answer! On 9Anime, you may not only view your favorite anime series, but you can also download any anime you want!

As a result, it ranks #1 among the KissAnime alternatives in our top ten list. With millions of active users, 9Anime is one of the most popular anime streaming services on the Internet. There are various reasons why 9Aime is regarded as the greatest KissAnime alternative.

The website’s interface and vast database are the first and key reasons. 9Anime contains a database of over 25,000 anime episodes. The nicest aspect is that they are continually accepting new requests.

If you can’t locate your favorite anime series on 9Anime, send them an email and they’ll put it on their server specifically for you. In addition, 9Anime’s video quality is amazing.

9Anime has a very user-friendly UI. The shows are divided into many genres and categories, such as Newest, Ongoing Series, and Recently Updated, among others.

The film does, however, contain advertisements, which is how they make money from their website. Otherwise, 9Anime is completely free to use.

3: Anime Season

If you enjoy anime, you should check out Anime Season. It’s completely worth it, believe me.

The Anime Season’s Anime Collection is so large that you could watch it for hours on end. Most popular anime series, such as Alice of Zouroku, Hunter, and Hunter, are included in Anime Season.

Anime Season has a really beautiful website design. On Anime Season, finding and watching practically any Anime series is as simple as pie. For obvious reasons, the Anime Season is a widely famous moniker in the anime industry.

On Anime Season, you can watch practically any anime series for free with the fewest advertisements possible. Aside from that, the video quality of Anime Season is also a bonus. On AS, there is a big list of current anime shows that you may view.

There are many categories to browse through your favorite anime, such as Full Series Listing, Most Recent Series, Highest Rated Series, Categories/Genres, and so on.

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4: AnimeFreak

Animefreak is one of the most popular anime websites, with a large library of high-quality anime programs available for free.

On AnimeFreak, there are thousands of anime streamings that you can start watching right now without having to pay anything or join up.

The AnimeFreak website has a similar interface to other websites. There are all of the same categories that most other websites have, such as browsing by genre, alphabetical content discovery, and the most recent release, and so on.

The only difference is the website’s color scheme. The colors on Animefreak are a touch bright, but that won’t affect you. You will not need to look for any other anime websites to watch anime after discovering this one.

5: KIMCartoon

KIMCartoon is another website that is comparable to Kiss anime. This website’s homepage is well-designed. You can also watch your favorite anime shows for free on our website. To use this website, you must first log in or register. Everything on this website is in high definition. They also post a rundown of the most recent anime series updates. You may also report a mistake by requesting your favorite anime. As a result, you must conclude that this is the greatest anime website similar to Kiss anime.

6: KissManga

If you’re seeking kiss anime websites, this kiss manga is a good place to start. This anime website provides a large database of new and popular anime shows. This website is completely safe to use. This website also requires you to log in or register. One of the best aspects of this website is that it features anime from a variety of genres. They also update the list of ongoing manga on a regular basis. As a result, this is a website that is comparable to Kissanime.

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