Top Jhin Quotes And Sayings

Jehn is one of the most well-known characters in the video game League of Legends.

Jhin is a psychotic killer who is very thorough in his execution. In the game, Jhin is a serial murderer who also serves as an assassin for the Cabal.

Jhin is imaginative, and he sees his pistol as a paintbrush and his victims as canvases on which to paint. Previously, he had been imprisoned in Ionia; however, he was freed by the shadowy forces of the world. In order to really appreciate this legendary figure, you need to read some of his most famous statements.

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Top Jhin Quotes And Sayings

  • “They’re nothing more than puppets. “I pluck their strings, and then they dance,” says the composer.
  • “My brilliance will be recognized — at some point.”
  • “Art must exist outside of the realm of reason.”
  • “They think I’m insane. “All artists are delusional.”
  • “I will not be subjected to this ugliness.”
  • “I am unable to be good. The standard for me must be perfection.”
  • “Everything has to be in place,” says the author.
  • “I think I misinterpreted what you were saying. “Beauty cannot be a source of evil.”
  • “This performance could need a little more… zing.”
  • « It is very tough to work under these circumstances. »
  • “My ability justifies all of my acts.”
  • Only during the performance am I at my best,” says the performer.
  • “I am a pure being. My work is free of impurities.”
  • “My theatre is the mind,” says the author.
  • “Art should be a source of dread.”
  • “No poet’s words could compete with my ability.”
  • The word “death” should never be taken lightly. It should be staged like an opera.”
  • “I’m going to choreograph this whole thing.”
  • “What sweet sorrow is causing this death?”
  • “The world is a harsh place. It does not have to be aesthetically pleasing.”

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Excellent Jhin Quotes

  1. “Everyone is hiding behind a mask. I just decided to design and build my own.”
  2. “This is a drive for me to create art. I’m unable to stop myself.”
  3. “Perfection isn’t good enough in this case.”
  4. “Behind every mask… lies another mask,” says the author.
  5. “There is nothing more I can do for myself.”
  6. “I’ve never done anything bad to anybody. “It is the performance that is the death.”
  7. “I’m going to keep going until they put a stop to me.”
  8. “I’m a singer who doesn’t have a voice. “The dancer who doesn’t have legs.”
  9. “Only in front of an audience do I reveal my real face.”
  10. “Each bullet represents a fragment of my soul. Each photograph contains a bit of myself.”
  11. Every time I perform, I vow to myself that it will be my last, but I always lie.”
  12. “I am a slave to this desire.” says the author.
  13. My artwork raises questions, but it never provides solutions.
  14. “Can you tell me which is the lie? “Will it be the mask or my face?”
  15. An icon does not have to justify his or her actions.
  16. “I’m curious as to what people think when they see me.”
  17. “It seems ironic that the gun is there.”
  18. “I like a composition with a lot of violence.”
  19. “It would be simpler if there were more colors available in the blood.”
  20. “Let’s get this show started.”
  21. “The thrill of the first night of performances.”
  22. “I bring both smiles and screams,” says the narrator.
  23. “How can I be supposed to work if I am constantly interrupted?” says the author.
  24. “I got compensated for putting on a fantastic show.”
  25. “My customers have high expectations of me.”
  26. “They will dance, they will sing, they will die!” says the narrator.
  27. “A costume, some makeup, and a squirt of blood,” says the actor.
  28. When I shoot, they start dancing, which is really simple.”
  29. “Most of my detractors… are only there for a brief period of time.”
  30. If this suit becomes filthy, I’m going to be very upset.
  31. “I cater to a select clientele,” I say.
  32. “Death is inevitable, but killing does not have to be a heinous act.”
  33. My clients and victims benefit from the catharsis I give them.
  34. “I… am the mastermind behind death.”
  35. “I am anxious before every performance, but I need that nervousness to get me through the day.”
  36. “It’s terrible to be at that moment before the shoot.”
  37. Only after the pistol goes off do I realise I’m still alive.
  38. “Mmm… the ecstasy of killing.” says someone.
  39. “When we pull the trigger on a loaded weapon, it whispers to us that it is time to act.”
  40. “I can’t function properly without the exhilaration of a successful performance.”
  41. “Happiness… is a warm gun,” as the saying goes.
  42. “I want to be completely immersed in everything. “It is because of the gun that I do.”
  43. “I wish I could be silent… but I have to be loud.”
  44. “I blossom in the midst of devastation, like a flower in the early morning light.”
  45. The dirt and filth have been lifted from me. I am the lotus flower, and I am beautiful. “I am the embodiment of beauty.”
  46. Before the curtain goes up, there is a lovely moment.
  47. Taunt
  48. “You have a scarcity of imagination.”
  49. “I have grand ideas for you,” says the author.
  50. “Killing you will go down in history as one of my greatest works.”
  51. “You will put up a good performance.”
  52. “This is my lady love.”
  53. “Each bullet is a song,” says the author.
  54. “Each bullet will be a dance,” says the author.
  55. “Can you tell me how to make this fresh?”
  56. “Fabulous.”
  57. “Smiles, everyone, smiles!” says the crowd.
  58. “Please direct me to the appropriate location!”
  59. “Delightful!”
  60. “Alright!”
  61. “Wonderful.”
  62. “Something is missing from the composition.”
  63. “Sublime.”
  64. “Transcendent.”
  65. “Divine.”
  66. “Darling.”
  67. “Precious.”
  68. “Symmetry is a bore,” says the author.
  69. I’ve surpassed myself this time,” I say proudly.
  70. “They will weep when they come upon you.”
  71. “I’m going to touch your heart.”
  72. “They’re going to live till the end of the world.”
  73. “This is what I’ve been waiting for.”
  74. The chant goes: “Places, everyone, places!”
  75. “Do you want to dance?”
  76. “Sing for me!” says the narrator.
  77. “This is something I practiced!”
  78. “There is no drama in a calm death!” says the author.
  79. “Dance for me,” the singer says.
  80. “Right on cue,” says the narrator.

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