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An Irish-derived name has taken the top position among newborn boys’ names, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), which tracks the most often used baby names nationwide. Since 2017, Liam has held the No. 1 position. But what happens to the females in this situation? While Irish baby girl names are not as popular as they were a few years ago, there are still a lot of popular and unusual options available if you know where to search. Here are some of our favorite Irish baby girl names, ranging from the ordinary to the sublimely unique.

What Is The Most Common Name For An Irish Newborn Girl?

So, which one is the most well-liked? There are a plethora of applicants for this position. In fact, several traditional Irish girls’ names are now popular all across the globe, despite the fact that they originated in Ireland. The meaning of the majority of these names is derived from the beauty of nature, including the most popular:


Fiona is a lovely, traditional name that derives from the Gaelic language and is the female counterpart of the masculine given name Fionn. It is highly regarded for its attractiveness, which translates as “being bright and fair.” Fiona is a lovely name for your gorgeous newborn girl, and it would be an outstanding option if you were searching for one.

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What Is The Most Uncommon Irish Girl’s Given Name?

How about, though, if you’re looking for a more original Irish name for your particular someone? Fortunately, there are a large number of possibilities in this area as well. And just because some of these names are more difficult to come by doesn’t imply they are any less lovely.


Blathnaid is a beautiful Gaelic Irish girls’ name that means “flower in bloom.” It is pronounced “bla-nid.” Blathnaid is a Gaelic name that means “flower in bloom.” With its gorgeous and mysterious sound, Blathnaid would be a wonderful name for any beautiful newborn girl. In this case, Blanaid is a spelling variant of the given name.

If you are not a fan of the unusual names, maybe one of the more well-known Irish baby girl names will be your preferred choice instead.

What Are The Top Ten Most Popular Irish Female Names?

As in previous years, these Irish names are a celebration of beauty and nature, and the following are the top ten, as well as their historical meanings:

  • Aisling (which is pronounced Ash-lin and means ‘imagination.’)
  • Aoife (pronounced Ee-fah, which means ‘charming’ in Irish.)
  • Brianna is a feminine given name that means “noble.”
  • Kayleigh (which means ‘beautiful figure’ in English.)
  • Kiara (which translates as “girl with lovely black hair” in English.)
  • Maeve (which means ‘happiness’ in Irish.)
  • Niamh (pronounced Neev) is a Gaelic word that means “shining.”
  • Roisin (which is pronounced Ro-sheen and means ‘rose.’)
  • Saoirse (pronounced Seer-sha, which means “independence”) is a name that means “independence.”
  • Shannon (which translates as “mysterious river”).
  • Many of these surnames are now well-known across the globe. Now, let’s take a look at another name that is a little more unusual.

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What Is The Most Uncommon Female Given Name?


Aoibheann is a beautiful Irish girls’ name that looks lovely when written out. It will guarantee that your princess has a name that she will be proud of. The name Eev-een, which is pronounced Eev-een, is derived from the Gaelic language and means “fairness and beauty,” making it an excellent choice for a little girl.

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1.Afric (ah-frick) : meaning “pleasant”.

2.Ailbhe (al-vah): meaning “noble, bright”.

3.Aileen (ay-leen): meaning “shining light”.

4.Áine (aw-nya): meaning “radiance”.

5.Aisling (ash-ling): meaning “dream”.

6.Alannah: meaning “darling baby”.

7.Aoife (ee-fa): meaning “beauty”.

8.Aobh (eve): meaning “beauty”.

9.Brianne: meaning “strong”

10.Cadhla (kay-la): meaning “beautiful”.

11.Cáit (caw-ch): meaning “pure”.

12.Caitlín (cat-leen): meaning “pure”.

13.Caitriona (cat-treenah): meaning “pure”.

14.Cara (ca-rah): meaning “friend”.

15.Caoilinn (key-lin): meaning “fair and pure”.

16.Caoimhe (key-vah): meaning “dear” or “noble”.

17.Ciara (keer-rah): meaning “dark haired”.

18.Dearbhla (dur-vlah): meaning “true desire”.

19.Doireann (dir-ren): meaning “fruitful”.

20.Eilish (ayy-lish): meaning “pledged to God”.

21.Eimear (ee-mar): meaning “swift”.

22.Erin: derived from the Irish word Eireann, meaning “Ireland”.

23.Fiona (fee-owna): meaning “fair”.

24.Laoise (leesh-ah): meaning “light”.

25.Líadh (lee-ah): meaning “grey”.

26.Mallaidh (molly): meaning “star of the sea”.

27.Meadbh (mayve): meaning “happiness” or “pearl”

28.Maeve (mayve): meaning “happiness”.

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