How to Get the Cheapest Domain Name

Nowadays, purchasing products and services online is a common practice, motivating many business owners to establish an online business.

The first steps in building a website include getting a domain name. A domain name helps customers and search engines easily find and recognize your business website, increasing your brand’s visibility.

Thus, when choosing a domain name, there are several elements to consider, such as your business needs, the domain registrar, and the domain name pricing.

To help you in this process, we will cover some tips on how to get a cost-effective domain name from a popular web hosting company and domain registrar, Hostinger.

Choosing Your Domain Name Registrar: Hostinger


Deciding on a domain registrar is your first task. A domain registrar is a company that handles domain name registration and management. Since the domain name is an important part of your online journey, picking a reputable domain registrar is essential.

Each provider offers different services and features, but the guidelines provided by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) can help you choose the right domain registrar by:

  • Making sure the domain registrar is accredited by ICANN. Most domain registrars have permission to sell domain names under ICANN. If you are unsure, conduct research to check whether your preferred domain registrar is ICANN accredited.
  • Checking the domain registrar’s customer support. Customer service is a vital aspect of a domain registrar. So, make sure that they are easily reachable, give solutions to the clients’ issues, and have good reviews.
  • Carefully reading the terms and conditions. Spare some time to read the agreement. It contains crucial information about how they use your contact details, your rights of using the domain name, and additional fees the registrar may charge.

Hostinger offers a high-quality domain name service with great value for money, meaning you can purchase an affordable domain name from a trusted and reliable company.

There are over 100 unique top-level domains (TLDs) to choose from, which gives you many alternatives if your desired domain extension isn’t available.

Also, it offers domain privacy protection, which is an add-on feature that hides your personal information, like your contact details, from the WHOIS database. It is not included in the total price, so you need to add it manually when purchasing a domain.

Moreover, Hostinger’s customer support is available 24/7 to answer your questions about domain names and help fix any issues related to them.

If you are on a tight budget, most of Hostinger’s hosting plans include free domain names. It is an excellent option if you also need a web hosting service for your website.

It saves you time and money as you don’t need to find another web hosting provider and can manage everything from one dashboard.

How to Get the Cheapest Domain Name from Hostinger

How to Get the Cheapest Domain Name from Hostinger

To get a domain name that best suits your needs and budget, we’ve listed some helpful tips:

1. Pick the Right Domain Name

The domain name represents your business and brand’s identity. Therefore, take your time to brainstorm ideas and choose the right domain name.

Some factors to keep in mind when selecting a suitable domain name are:

  • Make it concise. It is better to go with a short domain name so people can easily access your business website. You can include up to two phrases that describe your brand or use a relevant keyword to help improve SEO.
  • Use a brandable name. Using a brandable domain name is also worth considering, as it is easy to trademark and remember.
  • Avoid using letter and symbol combinations. While using hyphens can make the domain name more unique, it may also confuse visitors. It is easy to forget the hyphens or where to place them, which can lead to misspelling and prevent them from finding your site.

2. Check the Domain Name Pricing

There are several factors that affect domain name prices, such as your choice of domain registrar, domain extension, domain renewal cost, and domain protection service.

Let’s take a look at Hostinger’s domain name pricing. This domain registrar lists a variety of domain extensions ranging from ₹75/year to ₹905/year.

Keep in mind that the price is for the domain name only, meaning it hasn’t included taxes and a domain privacy protection service.

Also, prices might change depending on the renewal period you choose. Services like WHOIS protection are also charged separately. However, it is worth considering since it helps prevent spam emails and domain theft.

3. Choose a Domain Extension

The pricing of domain names mainly varies according to the Top-Level Domain (TLD) used. For example, .com is the most used TLD, making it more expensive than other extensions.

It is undoubtedly beneficial to use .com and .net as these TLDs are easily recognizable and can also increase your chances to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). However, choosing a less common domain extension has its own benefits.

First, it makes your domain name stand out from others. For example, an educational business can use .edu and an IT business .tech as their domain extension, helping users easily identify what type of website it is.

Using less popular domain extensions is also cost-effective. At Hostinger, domain names that end with .xyz or .online only cost ₹75/year, which are great options for starting a small business with a tight budget.

4. Register the Domain for at Least Two Years

Once you add the desired domain name to the shopping cart, Hostinger domain registrar lets you choose for how long to register it.

Consider selecting a two or three-year plan as it gives you a significant discount for the first year of registration. Also, you don’t risk forgetting to renew it and potentially losing access to the domain name.


Getting a cost-friendly domain name is an essential part of establishing your website. Luckily, Hostinger provides services such as domain privacy protection, reliable customer service, and a web hosting plan bundled with free domain registration.

To sum up, here is a recap of how to purchase an affordable domain name:

  • Pick a trusted domain registrar like Hostinger.
  • Choose the right domain name.
  • Check the domain name pricing.
  • Choose a domain name extension.
  • Register the domain name for at least two years.

With these helpful tips, you can now find a suitable domain name and build a successful online business. Good luck!

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