How To Create an Online Store

Before the internet, the only way you could usually get what you need for your home was to go to a store to make your purchases. You could also order online and wait for the mail to arrive, but that could have taken a week or two, depending on where the shipment was coming from or if the item was in stock. Now, you can make shopping easier for customers by designing an online store.

Business Plan

Before you begin thinking about all of the customized details for your store, you need to think of what you’re going to sell and craft a business plan. Look at some of the things that are selling online to see what’s profitable and what people are looking at, as well as some of the things that aren’t selling so that you avoid adding those to your store. Consider the niche that you like, such as clothing, household goods, or foods.

Choose a Name

Aside from naming your business, you’re going to need a domain name. You have to be as unique as possible while still trying to match the domain name to the business name so that everything ties in together and makes sense for customers. Avoid terms that are difficult to spell or words that don’t go together so that the name is easy to understand for customers.

Help From a Builder

When using an online store builder like Nexcess, you should consider the security that you need for your store as well as the various platforms that you want your store to reach. Make a list of the business goals that you have so that the store builder can offer options about how to meet them by utilizing features of your site. Payment gateways and editing features should be factors to consider when selecting a store builder for your business.


The appearance of your online store should attract the attention of customers. Consider a theme that matches the products that you sell. Look at the fonts and text sizes to find those that offer a customized look for your store. Other details to consider include the color scheme, how many items are on each page, and social media accounts that are embedded on each page of the website.

Start Selling

Before you can start selling, you need to add products. You don’t want to overwhelm customers with several items on each page, but you don’t want to spread them out over too many pages as customers usually don’t want to have to keep scrolling to find what they want. Once you add products and pictures, include a short description and the price of each item, size, and option. Now, you’re ready to start selling from your store.


Create a shipping policy that you can afford. If you want to offer free shipping, consider setting it after customers purchase a certain amount. You should also think about refunds and exchanges as customers might not like something once it’s received.

If you have an eye for business, consider starting with an online store before stepping out to a brick-and-mortar location. While setting up your store, consider an online builder so that all of the details are just right to reach more customers.

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