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Adulting is never an easy life phase, but it’s worth is beyond satisfying when we can provide food on the table. Living at high-stakes in the fast-paced corporate industry requires us to keep up with its demands without considerations. Provided that PDFs are useful in the modern corporate world, how do we overcome its dilemmas while saving time?

A free and online PDF tool is what you need to catch up with the pace while efficiently delivering on time. GoGoPDF is the best choice for professionals who usually encounter PDF files and share them daily. Although it has free services, it is more recommendable to upgrade to PRO for highly technical users.

Versatile PDF Converter Tool

Are you in need of a free online PDF converter? The GoGoPDF converter tool is a quick-operating online tool usable anytime and anywhere. All you need is a desktop/laptop/smartphone and a fast-working internet connection. This converter tool’s versatility comes when it can convert your PDF to other formats and vice versa. 

For example, your file in PDF form needs large amounts of editing because of its unnecessary content. The best way to surpass this problem is by converting it to its primary foundation. Word, for example, is the most compatible with composed documents. Especially with confidential and legal documents, this format is most common.

  • To convert your PDF to the Word format, go to the GoGoPDF home page and choose the PDF to Word box.
  • After redirected to the converter tool, drag your PDF to Dropbox to upload your file. 
  • The uploading process takes less than a minute and may vary depending on your device and internet speed. GoGoPDF will also autostart the conversion process right after.
  • Your Word file is now ready to download; choose whether to save it to your disk, Google Drive, or copy its URL.

Convenient and free are the advantages of the GoGoPDF converter. Aside from the example stated above, there are more file formats on which you can do PDF conversions. Check out the list below for more PDF converting choices; you might find some useful: 

  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to PPT
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to PDF/A
  • JPG to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • PPT to PDF
  • HTML to PDF
  • Word to PDF

More PDF Tools For Better File Management

Compress PDF

Aside from file format compatibility, file size also becomes an issue for online upload and e-mailing. You can use GoGo PDFs compress function to minimize your PDF to its least extent while maintaining its actual content. Basic compression is already of wonderful help, but strong compression is the ideal option for drastic size minimization. 

Merge PDF

The usual obstacle towards PDF alterations is its natural design of less-adjustable. With GoGoPDF’s merge function, you can make a compilation of your PDFs with just a few clicks. You can combine numerous PDF files into one file to organize your files better. After incorporating your pages, you can make further arrangements and download them right after. 

Split PDF

Page separation for PDF files is impossible without the appropriate tool. With GoGoPDF’s split function, detaching PDFs from a base file is fast and easy! You will also have the liberty to individualize them according to your needs and save them to different locations. Thus, having a more organized set of PDFs. 

Unlock and Protect PDF

Now, if you have got a locked PDF and you forgot its password accidentally, you can use the GoGoPDF unlock PDF function. You can upload your locked PDF to GoGoPDF and remove its password in an instant! 

To protect your PDF content better, you also have the choice to lock it with a password through GoGoPDF. Your files are guaranteed 100% safe with this feature, especially with its 128-AES encryption to ensure the contents stay safe and sound. 

Upgrading To PRO For Unlimited Access

For professionals handling technical PDFs, this plan of action is most recommended. Upgrading to GoGoPDF PRO gives you full optimal access to their PDF tools. Although most services are for free, more detailed actions can only be initiated when upgraded to PRO. You can have unlimited access and upload capacity at a very reasonable price. 

Quite an excellent investment, upgrading to PRO will give you more benefits in the longer run. Especially for your confidential files, you can gain better security with the PRO upgrade. You will also have unlimited storage capacity for uploaded tasks, converted tasks, and OCR tasks. 


GoGoPDF features are very beneficial to professionals managing technical PDF data. Taking advantage of its free services allows you to handle your PDF dilemmas faster and more comfortable. Although GoGoPDF PRO is the best choice for professionals, you can also avail of their free 14-day trial to understand its functions more.


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